Sunday, September 16, 2012

My summer vacation.....

These stitch markers belonged to my mother. She was a beautiful knitter. I found them in a box of her needles not long ago. She was most organized and only had one set of each size. I, on the other hand, have many duplicates. Hers are straight needles and I only use circular now but I shall save them and in the meantime use her markers.

She died 13 years ago on September 13. So much has happened in these years and my life is so different but what I wouldn't give to have a good chat while we knit or did needlepoint.

So, onto my summer vacation. It has been an odd summer. The weather has been ok but we usually say it is glorious. When it is gray and rainy or foggy and I cannot see the lake I get cabin feverish. My garden was overtaken by bugs. The Nasturtiums were absolutely destroyed and my herbs did not fare well. 

Here is  picture of the flowers before the bugs moved in to feast.

This white zinnia performed quite well with the marigolds.

One of the highlights on the summer was a picture taken by Jack as he kayaked around the lake.

I have not posted too much this summer as my internet connection has not been wonderful. I have become quite dependent on the internet for information and communication.

We are getting anxious to get back to Florida. We are thankful to have the best of both worlds but the transition gets a little more difficult each year.

My next post will be on what I accomplished! Knitting and reading were major this year.

Have a wonderful week.


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