Thursday, January 31, 2013

Decorating for the day....

I have neglected my blog. I have not been idle but the impossible internet this summer took the wind right out my sails. I could post my pictures and thoughts on FB in an instant and I could stay in touch with friends. But - I missed the exercise of blogging.

Holidays seem to have defined the years of my life. Anticipation and celebration of the days created the traditions I so fondly remember. From pageants in Sunday School to Choral revues, from birthdays to Christmas and from Valentine's Day to Easter - they all became steps of my life over the years. They still are. Jack and I treasure these days together.

So, I shall start decorating with hearts tomorrow. I will embroider hearts on the machine and perhaps make a paper garland. I will create as the spirit moves me!

And we will make chili for the Super Bowl. It will be a good weekend! I hope yours is good as well.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Definition of my space....

I call this space/room my studio and, in a sense, it is. However, it serves many purposes. As I took photos for this post I realized that it a gallery of memories as well. My collections are very visible and my creations are around the room along with the tools to create.

My mother's sewing box holds her tools. She kept a mending kit in the White Rose tin. I treasure it. The blue box holds her dressmakers' pins and the blue darning egg somehow survived her moves and mine tucked in a box of "stuff".

My oldest son is a fan of Etsy. I display his gifts on my desk.

I think my mother would have loved Etsy. This little collage of watch faces was one of her favorites.

I am finally getting my calendars finished. For January I chose a picture of one of my quilts with an owl pillow made by Sunday White. She has an Etsy shop and you can visit her here. I think we have at least 4 of her pillows!

I try to keep the desk organized!

Another Featherweight followed me home in Florida and with the help of a good friend, I am slowly gathering some extras for her.

On the wall behind my chair are some of my quilts.

My pottery ( McCoy, Weller, and Roseville ) fills the shelves.

So now that I have created some order in this room, it is time to create. Valentine hearts will be next.

The thread is ready and the designs are on the machine.
Now I shall go and finish those socks!

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Come on in......

This post should probably be called "careful where you step." I am finally ready to work in my studio. I cannot work in a mess although without a doubt I create one when I work. However, I must have basic order to return to and I am almost there.

I live in a townhome and was fortunate to be able to turn a large bedroom into a studio. Rarely do we have overnight guests so a Murphy bed is perfect and provides much needed storage for my collection of vintage pottery.

Just outside the door is this painting and a bowl of silk poppies. The soft coral/peach color is a favorite and I have used it in various shades throughout my home.

I have had this pillow door hanger for many years and I think it is nice on the studio door.

I can sit in my chair and look about the room. A project here and a project there.

Years ago I made bears. Two of them sit opposite in a little antique rocker. The keep me inspired. So, for the next few posts i will share some more of the studio and my projects.

Today I am joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for another Pink Saturday! Please visit and see all the wonderful pink posts. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

She started it.....

I know I have been among the missing. Tragic events before Christmas and the fallout from the election took their toll on my normally cheerful disposition. I have been blog hopping but rarely leaving a comment. My little world with projects and delicious dinners has seemed somewhat trite. However, life must go on and a dear friend said to head for the studio and jump back into life - so here I go.

The little sweetheart above belonged to my grandmother. She went missing for a few years but my middle son found her inside a clay pot which was stuffed on a shelf in a garage. Luckily she was unharmed and I rescued her. She is a piano baby and you can read about them here. They are decorative pieces meant to hold shawls that were draped over pianos in Victorian parlors.

I have collected a few more because I love their faces. I keep them on my dresser and their loveliness brings a smile to my face in the morning.

I hope to post more regularly now. my knitting is taking up much time as I rush to keep up with the Knit-a-Longs. 

Wishing you all a wonderful new year!


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