Saturday, October 13, 2012

Santa's Workshop

I found this on Facebook and could not resist.

It has been a different summer. I have shared my disappointment in my internet connection and we shall remedy that next year but for the next two weeks I am just going to connect and if it costs more, so be it. I have missed playing with photographs and blogging!

So I have been knitting with Christmas in mind. Judy's Colors has a website that I would urge my knitting friends to visit. Her story is a wonderful one about a house with family history and the need for a special Christmas stocking and how a business grew.

My first effort was not successful. In my haste to begin the knitting, I chose the wrong size needles and of course ran out of yarn as the needles were the wrong size. I had never really done 2 color knitting so this was my practice piece. I emailed Judy that there was not enough yarn. She graciously sent me more and stressed the importance of gauge. So I shall redo this one.

My second effort was a bit better. I like the Latvian Braiding and the knit on i-cord. These additions with the patterns give texture and depth to the stockings.

I love the yarns. You can buy her patterns or kits. I chose the kits.

Then it was on to Jack's. The name of this pattern is Jester - hmmmmn.

My pattern is Ms. Claus and is on the right. I am just starting the foot. The rest of the stockings shall not be photographed at this point!

I am looking forward to going south. The workshop shall be going full force then!
See you in a couple of weeks!


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