Saturday, January 25, 2014

Movies in the afternoon.....

Sometimes in the afternoon Jack and I watch a movie in the den. I am not too courageous when it comes to a movie that might frighten me so we tend to watch some of my favorites over and over again. My current favorite is A Good Year. My second current favorite is Under the Tuscan Sun

I have always felt that the scenery in this movie was familiar so I researched where the movie had been made. Then I had a "ta da" moment because I had been there. I loved it. Rich and I did not travel until later in our lives but I am grateful for trips we did take together. I decided that a night in Provence should be reproduced and the sunflowers in the market clinched the deal. I told Jack I had been in the shop in one of scenes so, of course, I had to show him what I had bought.

I set the table with a cloth I bought in Gordes. My white dinner plates are Apilco and made in France. The cups are from Anthropologie. The salad plates are Jars Cantine and are made in the South of France.

We started the brunch with Prosecco and a fresh peach slice. Now I know that Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine but remember my second favorite movie....

Grand Marnier flavored the fresh fruit cup quite nicely.

Creme Brûlée French Toast was the entree. I love this recipe because it is made the day before and refrigerated overnight. This quite rich but a small portion suffices. You can find the recipe here.

I dragged out my photo albums and took a "trip down memory lane" trip.

What I remember the most are the markets, the food and the scenery. The light is spectacular.

A painting followed us home.

The artist is Raymond Gizzi from St. Remy. I need to scan some of these pictures.

Over the years I have have collected pottery and dishes from Italy and France. I am drawn to the colors.

Wonderful memories and they surround me in my house to this day.

Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back in my studio

At the top of the stairs outside the studio are silk poppies. I have had this arrangement for years. The color is a soft coral/peach and one of my favorites. The spot of color is worthy of a smile as I climb the stairs to this room which serves as an office and studio and, upon occasion, a guest room.

My quilts are displayed.

Some are scrappy and some are more contemporary.

Some need to be sewn together. These crazy quilt squares are made on my embroidery machine and then sewn together. 

My Singer featherweight is in her new cabinet. She needs to be oiled and cleaned up after a long summer but then she will just purr.

Some of my vintage pottery lives on these shelves which houses a Murphy bed.

So now that the room is organized once again, I can mess it up! I cannot create in an orderly way. If I have an idea, I cannot put the fabric back. I have to keep going through all of it until I find what I need.

Then there is the knitting. The name of this post should have "broken promises"! I promised I wouldn't start any new knitting projects. So, I started a coat/jacket. And I started a shawl which is named Persian Poppy and I have yarn all over as I decide which color combinations to use. There is just something about the poppies!

Oh, well. Have a wonderful weekend!


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