Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas......

Well, the tree is up and decorated for the second time! Yes, we did not follow the directions exactly for the swivel tree stand and almost lost the whole thing. However, we all survived. We like to decorate early so that we can actually enjoy the season and what it means. It also takes us longer. This year I added some glitter houses on the Welsh cupboard where my faux chocolate Santa Claus lives with the Majolica. My friend Patti gave me this a few years back when my life was not very happy and more than one person has tried to take a bite out of him! Thank you Patti.

I don't have room for a lot of collections but I do have a few Byers Carolers that live in a pine cupboard for the holidays.

When I first met Jack, it was almost time for me to go back to Florida. One day we took a trip to North Conway and went into the Christmas Loft. We saw a beautiful tree that he wanted to buy if I would spend Christmas in Maine with him. I agreed and he bought me a music box which I treasure. We had a good Christmas that year and now spend them in Florida.

So there are flowers - both real and faux - around the house.

The Santa wall hanging is hung. I made this for Jack on out first Christmas in Florida. It has a gazillion stitches. Thank goodness for the embroidery machine.

The embroidery machine is making lace icicles. The bread machine is making bread. I shall soon be knitting.
I hope you are having a peaceful day.


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