Sunday, February 7, 2016

And I think we are settled....

The weather has been chilly but nothing compared to the weather up north. The new house doesn't need as much of our attention and we have a very organized schedule - sort of! My eyes are recovering nicely from cataract surgery. I can see much more clearly now and am not overly thrilled with the reality of my wrinkles.

As I sit and stitch, this is my view in the den. Jack's Code Talker quilt I made last year shares the room with some art and my collection of Hull's Blossom Flight.

Needlepoint in the studio or the den. Movies and cocoa in the afternoon. I have way too many projects and more hidden away in the sewing closet. Learning to work on a frame is not something I am not comfortable with yet.

I am working on next Christmas!

And then there are the quilts. And then the new grandchild coming any moment. So, of course, there was some knitting. 

Experimenting with recipes is something we both enjoy.

And at the end of the day relaxing as the light comes into the living room.

I hope to spend a little more time on the blog this coming year. Facebook is so much easier but I miss the journaling part of blogging.


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