Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's a mystery.....

I have been knitting quite a bit. I will be a great aunt in March so of course there is baby knitting but there are also some projects that I am working on and trying to finish. I spend one day a week at the knitting store and would like to do two but appointments keep getting in the way. Maybe next week.

I am stringing beads for a scarf. I do this when the light is good - very tedious but I like the bling of it with a black dress.

And then I started the Mystery Knit. I have no idea what it will be except big. And there is pink in it! Each week a set of directions are sent by email. I just completed week two.

There is pink, purple, fuschia, coral, orange, olive, and red and more as the yarn self stripes for an interesting effect.

I have all this left!
And of course I don't know what it is because it's a mystery! I shall keep you posted. Now back to that baby blanket.

I am joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for another Pink Saturday. Why not stop by and say hi?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another road trip....

 Last weekend we went to Arcadia again. This little Florida town is full of antique/stuff shops - sort of something for everyone. Arcadia is a combination of Old Florida and the old Wild West.

We went into most of the shops. I am only looking for certain things as space is becoming a problem. 

I love dishes and glassware but I really do have enough.....I think.....

McCoy pottery calls my name and I love old silverplate flatware serving pieces.

Then it was time for lunch.

We had a light lunch....

Another fun day. I found a small McCoy vase and 4 soup/gumbo spoons.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Visit to a Garden

 We recently spent some time with good friends in Naples. A visit to the Naples Botanical Garden had been discussed on other visits but was a reality this time. It was wonderful! My favorite part of the garden was the Children's Garden which had an enclosed butterfly house. You can read about the garden here. And you can get a free app for your iPhone or iPad at the app store.
As usual I was up very early and caught this sunrise from their lanai. It was a good sign. A trip to my friend's knitting store, lunch with the husbands and then off to the gardens.

The flowers were beautiful. The landscape was gorgeous.

I shall visit again. If you are in the area, the gardens are a treat.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Roses Make Me Happy...

Actually flowers make me happy. Whether they are on the coffee table in my grandmother's vase or in the garden, I love to look at them. I love this color. My color choices tend to favor the corals and peaches with a touch of yellow.
 I miss some of the programs that I used to have before I got the Mac. Photobucket has some effects for photos. The collage was created with a Fresco effect. I like to turn the photographs into paintings.

Picasa lets me make a collage.

Hope your day is happy! I am joining Kathy at A Delightsome Life for Home and Garden Thursday. Stop by and visit her and see all the wonderful posts.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finding Pinks Around the House.....

 When I think about the colors I have in my home, I don't necessarily think Pink! But a closer look reveals a lot of pink here and there.
From pottery to fabric...

Treasures from my mother, grandmother and mother-in-law have touches of pinks. These wonderful ladies who were so much a part of my life have been gone for a while but when my fingers touch something they made or gave me, wonderful memories surround me.

So as you can see, a little pink here and a little pink there....

Happy Pink Saturday!

I am joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for another Pink Saturday. I shall start looking for more pink for next Saturday.


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