Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Time for the Birthday month.....

This June is a big birthday. I will turn 70 and I cannot believe it. I have feelings of excitement, pride, expectations, and some regrets. There are some things that will never happen and many things that happened unexpectedly. I won't celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary with Richard but I will celebrate my 10th with Jack. We met when I was a widow and he was a widower and we both feel lucky. I feel blessed to have 3 grown sons and 2 grandchildren. We have family and friends who are like family.

I have been going through old pictures and found many I had forgotten. There is something about this one that I like. Chances are Gram Potter had snuck into the room to listen. I was at best a mediocre player but she thought I was wonderful. I could tell she was there when she started to hum - off key.

I was about to head off to college and had carefully chosen my clothes. Within 2 years, jeans were the uniform and a skirt and sweater for dress up. I loved my college years. I met Richard the first week and we were together the four years. We married after graduation.

Along came the three boys.
They are all grown up now. I still think of us as still looking like this. 

So in this big birthday month, I shall savor the celebration along with the memories and look forward to the coming decade.


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