Saturday, October 19, 2013

Back to work!

Enough of this cold. I feel much better and have been working in my studio. The boxes are unpacked and the projects are lined up and ready to go. I did make a mystery bag of "stuff" I just can't deal with now but otherwise all is in order.

We came back early this year. For the first time in many years Halloween is not a traveling day. This means candy. 

Normally my embroidery machine is cranking out Christmas items.

This year I made a picture for Christmas. I will do some tea towels and ornaments soon. 3 years ago I made a Halloween wall hanging from a design pack from Anita Good Design. I favor these designs and the ones from Embroidery Library. 

Halloween lace with spider.

The table is set for fall even thought the temperature outside will be in the 80's today! Jack is making chili and I am getting knitting bag ready for next week.

Hope you are having a wonderful day. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

We stopped on the way home. . .

We are back in Florida but we spent two nights in Portland before we flew back. I love that city! We stay at the Regency as we have for several years. We love the location and the personnel and the amenities. You can read about it here

The weather was glorious - definitely Fall.

We don't venture far from the hotel but we did have an oyster outing. The name of the restaurant is Eventide Oyster Company. On their business card is this quote from poet and essayist  Leon-Paul Fargue: "I love oysters. It's like kissing the sea on the lips." Yes.

My sons live in and around Portland so we went to a restaurant that they have been raving about. If you love oysters and are in the area, it is a must. One chooses the variety of oysters from a menu. They are also on display when you enter the establishment. The wait staff is most knowledgable. We tried different varieties. They are served on beds of crushed ice with varieties of accoutrements. You can read about the menu here. I love oysters just with lemon but the horseradish ice was wonderful.

The slaw was made from purple cabbage and was delicious and a change from green cabbage.

We chose the Beau Soleil oysters from New Brunswick as one of the choices. Wonderful.

We shall go back on our next visit!
So, we are back in Florida. I have a cold. It seemed as if everyone on the plane was sneezing and coughing. Re-entry into the southern home has not been as speedy as I would wish. However,
we are back and the cold will go away.
Have a wonderful week!

(Fried oyster on a bun with pickles)


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