Saturday, August 23, 2014

And we have begun

Jack is taking a break from packing and is trapped in his chair by bubble wrap.  I would have to say we made a dent albeit a small one. And tomorrow is another day. 

The house has been listed and my realtor has a mover who will help transport the larger items to the storage unit as we stage the house for attracting buyers. I guess the idea is have it look spacious (empty?) so a prospective buyer can visualize the space.

The coffee table is covered again. I have packed 8 boxes so far and will do more tomorrow.

The dining room table is covered. The rug is covered.

Sleep, my little pretties. Christmas is coming. 

So, we shall continue with vigor. I don't have room for one of my pine cupboards so it will live with some friends. The sofa will go on that wall which will open up the living area.

This packing has not been too bad yet but the nightmare will be my sewing room and studio. I don't even think I can take pictures of that....


Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Changes

We are saying farewell to Querencia, the little red cabin on the lake, where I went to stay after my Rich died and where I slowly put my life in order. The cabin was a special place for me where I could heal my heart. A while later Jack entered the picture and a new life began for both of us. Now 12 years later, this chapter will close.

When Jack came to pick me up for our first "date", he too fell in love with this little cabin on the lake.  However, 2 miles up the road he had a lovely home. Over the past few years he has made some wonderful improvements and I have become more needing of the comforts he has added. We would commute back and forth and it has become too much. We will spend summer in his home and winters in Florida. We will miss the little cabin and our landlords who have been good friends as well.

Now, in Florida we will start a new chapter. We are moving. We are building a new home right up the road and it should be ready by Thanksgiving. I am overwhelmed with all that has to be done but we shall start the sorting and packing when we go back next week. Think bubble wrap - lots of bubble wrap.

The motivation for the move is to be on one floor in a smaller community of homes. And I no longer want the pool. The wonderful features of the home are just a bonus.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and I am sure I will have something to say when I am in the midst of the packing! Until then.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Upside down

Yes, that is how I feel and it's ok. In early June we made a life changing decision and we are right in the midst of it. We will be moving and are building a new house not far from where we live now in Sarasota. The last few years have pointed out to us both that living on one floor would probably be a very good decision. So on the spur of the moment we went to visit the model homes in neighboring development and just like that (pretend I am snapping my fingers!) a contract was signed. In two days, all the amenities were chosen and we were on our way back to Maine. We will soon return to Florida to begin the process of "staging" my townhouse (very big groan) and put it on the market (another groan). This is the upside down part. I have a lot of "stuff". I enjoy my collections and I use all those dishes ......

I had that big birthday and it was wonderful. My boys brought me flowers and Jack and the boys treated me to lunch. Lots of laughs and memories shared. The party has continued but I think it is finally over with my latest acquisition which shall be shipped to Florida. 

The machine was made in1924 in Elizabeth, NJ. The decals are in perfect condition and the name of the design is La Vencedora. Included were a bentwood case and a sewing table called a 301 combination. Maggie is guarding the attachments and all too rare key.

These vintage machines have always spoken to me. I have the newer ones but these to me are so visually appealing. This one shall live in my guest bedroom as a night table with a vintage lamp.

So that is my news of topsy-turvy. There has been a lot going on this summer and as always the internet is very costly. It seems easier just to post on FB but I shall try to do more on the blog when we are back in Florida!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Time for the Birthday month.....

This June is a big birthday. I will turn 70 and I cannot believe it. I have feelings of excitement, pride, expectations, and some regrets. There are some things that will never happen and many things that happened unexpectedly. I won't celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary with Richard but I will celebrate my 10th with Jack. We met when I was a widow and he was a widower and we both feel lucky. I feel blessed to have 3 grown sons and 2 grandchildren. We have family and friends who are like family.

I have been going through old pictures and found many I had forgotten. There is something about this one that I like. Chances are Gram Potter had snuck into the room to listen. I was at best a mediocre player but she thought I was wonderful. I could tell she was there when she started to hum - off key.

I was about to head off to college and had carefully chosen my clothes. Within 2 years, jeans were the uniform and a skirt and sweater for dress up. I loved my college years. I met Richard the first week and we were together the four years. We married after graduation.

Along came the three boys.
They are all grown up now. I still think of us as still looking like this. 

So in this big birthday month, I shall savor the celebration along with the memories and look forward to the coming decade.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Winding Down....

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was lovely. I heard from my boys and Jack's daughter. Jack appeared with a card and a lovely Asian lily in a gorgeous shade of pink. We celebrated on Saturday with a nice lunch at Pop's Sunset Grill which is now our most favorite of all.

I saw my ship come in ...however, it went right by. Sad. 

The Mango Rub Shrimp are my favorite.

Now that this day is over, we get serious about heading north. Jack will break down his fish tank which he loves and I will finish up in the studio. I like to clean the machines and organize all the supplies. I will take some projects back but not that many. I think this will be the summer of doctors. Hopefully I will get some relief from this "crud" on my fingers and need to have cataract surgery. Lots of trips back and forth to Portland!

I have enjoyed the embroidery machine and love the projects that are completely made in the hoop.

This pincushion is quite cute. I shall make some more. I am playing with the Brother Scan and Cut for appliqué in the hoop. I quite like it. Next to the pincushion is a little sewing kit. This is mostly made in the hoop and just needs the binding attached.

This summer is a landmark in terms of events. I will turn 70!!!!! Jack and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage. I have so many thoughts about these two events. My emotions run the gamut from OMG to blessed.

I will miss Florida but we will be back before we know it. 

Hope you have a wonderful week.


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