Sunday, September 5, 2021

Staying Home

We are home and have been since the end of March. It would appear that we shall be for a bit longer. I don't really mind but I miss my family and friends and the hugs and laughter. I really thought we would take this time to purge "stuff". However, nothing has been open and consignment shops for some good things are not open and those that are would not have the buyers I would want. The bed in the guest room is covered and I have stopped trying. And of course, there are the projects... I have tried to make a dent but have actually started some new ones. The old ones seem stale to me. I wish for something new and fresh.
I have been quite taken with an Australian designer Jen Kingwell and signed up for a Block of the Month called Psyehedelia. I am piecing it all by hand. Another Jen quilt design called Glitter is probably one of my absolute favorites.

Knitting was my first love and my mother and I spent many hours knitting together. Needlepoint came along and is still a favorite. Then came quilting. Years ago I had seen a scrappy vintage quilt at antique show. $250! I thought I could make it! Thousands of dollars later for sewing machines, fabrics, notions $250 would have been a bargain. However, I have made at least 86 quilts plus smaller projects. I have a few big ones to finish and then I shall only do smaller ones.

Greek Isle by Colors of Praise. I love the colors 


Then along came Sue Spargo and wool embroidery. I like the hand sewing. I have set myself up in the den. I don't really watch tv - I listen. So Jack and I are recliner potatoes in the afternoon and I sew.

I have even made a few pot holders.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

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