Saturday, October 13, 2012

Santa's Workshop

I found this on Facebook and could not resist.

It has been a different summer. I have shared my disappointment in my internet connection and we shall remedy that next year but for the next two weeks I am just going to connect and if it costs more, so be it. I have missed playing with photographs and blogging!

So I have been knitting with Christmas in mind. Judy's Colors has a website that I would urge my knitting friends to visit. Her story is a wonderful one about a house with family history and the need for a special Christmas stocking and how a business grew.

My first effort was not successful. In my haste to begin the knitting, I chose the wrong size needles and of course ran out of yarn as the needles were the wrong size. I had never really done 2 color knitting so this was my practice piece. I emailed Judy that there was not enough yarn. She graciously sent me more and stressed the importance of gauge. So I shall redo this one.

My second effort was a bit better. I like the Latvian Braiding and the knit on i-cord. These additions with the patterns give texture and depth to the stockings.

I love the yarns. You can buy her patterns or kits. I chose the kits.

Then it was on to Jack's. The name of this pattern is Jester - hmmmmn.

My pattern is Ms. Claus and is on the right. I am just starting the foot. The rest of the stockings shall not be photographed at this point!

I am looking forward to going south. The workshop shall be going full force then!
See you in a couple of weeks!


podso said...

For some reason I thought you were already back to FL. I am amazed at your beautiful knitting. I can't imagine working with such an intricate pattern with so many colors! You are doing great!

Lisa Sall - Sall's Country Life said...

Hi Carol! I can't imagine being without my internet, it's my lifeline!! But, what a great hobby to learn while you're not online! Those stockings are precious, keep up the great work!

Snap said...


Vee said...

Me, too. (I thought you were already in Floriday.) I'm surprised that you are still here. It must be so cold on the lake these days, but a few warmer days coming soon.

These stockings are amazing and look so intricate and lovely. I'm impressed with anyone who can do this "fussy" sort of knitting. It's going to make the holiday decorating look even more terrific.

Susan said...

Carol, you are very talented. The stockings are beautiful. I need much more practice with fair isle knitting. And, you will be happy to hear, Florida is cooling down and the humidity is disappearing. Good time to come back. Drive safely. Susan

Pamela Gordon said...

Carol I'm sorry you've had such a bad summer for internet service and I know you will be glad to be back in the south where you can blog all you want. These stockings are beautiful and so colourful. Have a safe trip south. Blessings. Pamela

Deb said...


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Gorgeous work Carol! They will be amazing-enjoy:@)

Claudia said...

Carol - your work is beautiful! I'm happy to hear from you - I've missed you this summer.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Carol, those are WONDERFUL. You do such amazing work.

Our weather is starting to turn, and I'm so thankful.

Will be glad to have you back...



Sheila said...

You are starting early but will be all set as Christmas approaches. The patterns of the stockings look so complicated. Good luck with your move south!

Kathleen said...

Hi Carol!
I was going through some old comments and realized I hadn't visited in a long time.
Your knitting projects are beautiful, you got a lot done this summer.
Safe travels back to FL.

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Carol, These are gorgeous. Fantastic job!!!


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