Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Back in Florida

When we left, there was color everywhere. The next day there was Sandy starting to make herself known.We were fortunate to have no damage. My heart goes out to those who had damage and are still working there way out of it. I grew up in New Jersey and the damage in my hometown was considerable.

This has been an odd summer with the various climates. The weather has been odd and the political climate has been quite contentious. We have voted and I hope everyone will too. So enough of that.

Coming back to my house is a change from the cabin. When we met Jack had his house and I had mine. And then we rented the cabin for the summer....Jack's house is 2 miles up the road from the cabin. We spent a bit of time there this summer as the gray days in the cabin made for "cabin fever". I am getting older.....

I was glad to see my "stuff". One of the first things I went for was a latte. I am and always have been a collector. I am running out of room but could not resist this pitcher which I have added to my collection.

I now have internet that is quite speedy so I hope to participate again in blogland. I have appreciated all the visits and comments I had for the few blog posts I was able                                                                      write this summer. Planning on being a better blogger this season!

The pool heater leak should be fixed by the end of the week so that once again we can enjoy a meal on the lanai.

We ship boxes back and forth. My knitting takes two boxes! I have unpacked the boxes and actually spent some time knitting yesterday. 

I seem to have rambled a bit but it's just one of those early mornings. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Snap said...

Good Morning! Nice to see you back in Florida. Really like your new pitcher.

Vee said...

Hi Carol~

Glad that you're back where it's warm and that you'll have the opportunity to blog more. Looking forward to all that you'll share with your amazing projects.

That is a beautiful pitcher. There's always room for something that pretty.

Hope that you do join in for the Note Card Party. It's the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. The day before seemed too much of a crunch.

Sheila said...

Welcome Home Carol. I know what walking into our home feels like after being away even for a short time but you are lucky to experience the best parts of the year in both places. I would love to be leaving for a southern destination just now. Wearing boots, scraping snow and ice and treading carefully when walking are not my favourite things to do. Enjoy your days of sunshine!

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Carol! I'm glad to hear that you are safely back in Florida where it's warm and sunny and you have internet service and a pool! I love the sweet pitcher you found. There is always room for one more small piece isn't there. Have a blessed day.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I am happy to be back blogging after my extended forced break and being able to read your blog again. :)
Your typeface is not showing up very well, not sure if you are aware of this problem but thought I should mention it to you.

Maggie said...

I know that you enjoy your summers in Maine but that Florida will always be home.
Looking forward to seeing more of you in the coming weeks!

Madge Bloom said...

I love that little pitcher too!

Eileen said...

Glad to hear you are back in Florida safely. I'm planning on being a better blogger, too, in the coming months. I've just been too busy to get to everything the last few months. And I love the new pitcher in your collection.

podso said...

It sounds like you are happy to be back home in Florida to enjoy the warmer winter. Pretty rose!

Archie the wonder dog said...

I bet it's wonderful to be back home!


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