Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pink Saturday – A Christmas Memory



I love Christmas and all that goes with it – the music, the decorations, the food and the reason for its being. I always have. Growing up in New Jersey, we always made a fuss about Christmas. Gram Potter would come to visit and there would be a wonderful dinner at Uncle George’s in Green Village. There was a new dress, a doll, and books. My dress was usually red. The books were so that my sister and I would not bug the adults as they celebrated in another room.

Each year there would be a new ornament or two for the tree. As we got older, my sister and I got to help pick them out. My mother liked to decorate the tree. Each strand of tinsel needed to go on separately. It took forever and the lights could not go on until the tinsel was on and it took forever….. My dad would offer to help but one at a time did not work for him. The front of the tree always looked better.

I found this picture buried in a box while I was cleaning out paperwork. It was taken in 1953. Such different times. Gram Potter (my dad’s mother) was truly an influence on me even after she was gone. Her love of her home, her gardens, her family and friends was legendary.



Notice my sister has the Madame Alexander Bride doll…….I loved Madame Alexander dolls. I still think Santa may have made a mistake on that one….


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Claudia said...

What a great photo of your family! I loved Madame Alexander dolls, too. I would go to our local store and stand there and stare at them! Happy Pink Saturday, Carol!


The Quintessential Magpie said...


What a great family picture. Something magical about Mdme. Alexander dolls! I have NE Potters in my ancestry. Maybe we're distantly related! I'd love that!

Happy PS!


Sheila :-)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday sweetie.
I so love the picture of you and your family. I am sure Santa made a mistake on the dolls. You were older you should have had the bride doll, and the big doll that you received looks like it was more for the younger sister. Sometimes Santa just can't read to well. I agree big mistake....Santa made a big mistake.

I too loved going to the Woolworth's store and picking out the new ornaments for the tree. They had a little diner in there, if we were lucky we got a cherry coke as a treat. It was the most wonderful time ever.

Thanks for sharing today sweetie. Please stop by and let me share my pink post with you. I think you will love my Christmas memory.

Country hugs...Sherry

Anonymous said...

Hello Carol,
What a nice vintage photo of your familly. I never learned about Madame Alexander dolls but they look great. Happy girl ! Happy PS to you

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh! I love that picture with you and your family and your dolls! Happy Pink Saturday!

peppermint said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas memory with us. I love the photo of your family in front of the tree. I love decorating the tree as a child with those icicles! Our tree always looked better in the front too! Please come by and let me share my Christmas memory with you!
Hugs Patti

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Don't we all have photos in a box just like this? It's a splendid example of Americana, I think.

Fandango Moon said...

Love your post. Adore vintage photos like that! Thanks for sharing & Happy Pink Saturday!!

caren said...

Carol ~ I had to laugh about the tinsel. My mom insisted we put one tinsel on at a time.....crazy! Love your picture! Happy Pink Saturday.

someplace in thyme said...

Oh Carol, what a wonderful picture of the family. We never had tinsel on our tree growing up, but when we went to my grand mothers, she had tinsel. I never had to worry about putting it on one strand at a time. My in laws did that, my husband tells me the work they did with those little strands of silver. I love hearing all the stories of growing up, thankyou so much, Happy Pink Saturday, Char


A lovely family picture, I think they still make that brand of dolls.... Pink Blessings!

Maggie B said...

What a lovely family photo you have to cherish. I'm so enjoying reading all the nostalgic Christmas stories on Pink Saturday.
Have a great week.

Mary said...

What a treasure your memory must be. The photograph of your family together is just wonderful. I hope you are having a great day and are planning to enjoy the holidays ahead.

Meg said...

What a beautiful picture and such a heartfelt story. My mom also put the tinsel on one strand at a time and it took forever but no one else had that much patience. Have a wonderful Christmas filled with the love of family and remembrance of the season,Jesus, God dwelling with man! Blessings Always, Meg


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