Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Favorites - Outdoor Wednesday in Camden

This Sunday I am joining Chari at Happy to Design for Sunday Favorites!

Camden, Maine is one of our favorite trips in the summer and yesterday I made reservations for this fall.

Please join Susan at a Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.

No I am not done with Camden  yet! We look forward to it all year and each year we seem to enjoy it even more. We are both creatures of habit so we stay in the same inn in the same room and eat at the same restaurants. Each year we venture a little further and this year we made some wonderful discoveries. The Lord Camden Inn is right in the middle of town so we park our car in their lot and walk everywhere.
The Camden Deli is right across the street for breakfast.
L1010098 L1010101
After breakfast we wander around the harbor area.

L1010120 L1010111

Then we get in the car and take a field trip.
We always take a drive to Lincolnville home of  Cellardoor Winery. They have a new wine. Yes, it is called Serendipity!

And this is the description!
Say no more…..
L1010146_edited-1 L1010148_edited-1 L1010150_edited-1
We tasted the wines and brought some back to the cabin. We were also delighted to find out that the wines can be shipped to some states – Florida being one of them. Yeah! We will take some Maine to Florida with us.
Rockport is just outside of Camden. There is a lovely little harbor which was the home of Andre the seal and there is wonderful farm home to Belted Galloway cattle. Last year we drove all over – not a cow in sight. This year there they were. They must have known I had a new camera.

Just love these oreo cookie cows.
So then on this day of doing things just a little differently, we found a new place for lunch. We had seen this little restaurant but it was not open when we were there. Well it was this time. Wow!


L1010341 L1010344
The name of the restaurant is Paolina’s Way and it was wonderful. We had an antipasto, fish soup, bread and pizza and I had gelato for dessert.L1010349

Raspberry, Coconut, and Chocolate Gelato sprinkled with cocoa  powder and served with a big spoonful of Nutella on a square of pastry. There wasn’t much left.
I am still not done with Camden. I think some mosaics are in order. Have a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Carol, you have no idea how much I adore Maine! It is one of my favorite states so I thoroughly enjoyed this trip with you. And that dessert looks positively sinful.

We never made it to Camden, but we did enjoy visiting many other cities in Maine. It's a lovely place. I could easily live along the coast there in the summers.


Sheila :-)

Terri Morse said...

Oh Carol, a trip to Maine! I spent a few summers camping in Acadia and my heart never left. Thank you so much for sharing Camden with us. This is my first visit to your blog, and what a wonderful surprise. I came to catch up on my Pink Saturday visits, but got a mini vacation! Have a wonderful week. -Terri

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh I'm LOVING this whole post. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Maine - - - and now that you've shown the Camden Inn with its COLTS BLUE awnings, I want to go even more!

Chari said...

Hi Carol...

My friend, it's so good to have you for Sunday Favortes this week!!! What a great definitely deserved a second showing! Ohhh...I would just love to visit Camden, Maine! I have been in nearly every one of our U.S. states but I haven't made it up to the New England states yet. Your photos are great...what a fabulous place! It looks just as I have always imagined it would! It sounds just like my kind of place with the beautiful countryside, unique restaurants, etc. Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous trip with us today for Sunday Favorites...what a treat!!! Hmmm...the gelato looked scrumptious! hehe!

Have a super Sunday, my friend!
Chari @Happy To Design

sissie said...

Wow, your post makes me want to go to Maine. They should ask you to promote their tourism!
Your photos are spectacular!
The "oreo cow," that's too funny. However, that's a great name for them. Um, I think I am suddently craving oreo cookies and milk!

Great post.

Lori E said...

Oh I wouldn't know where to start. Everything looks so interesting and fun. cool is that. It makes me crazy here in Canada that we can't get wines from our other provinces but we can get US wine, France, Italy, get my drift. I would love to try some wine from the east.

Lynn said...

That wine sounds delicious! I think I'll try to find them on the Internet and order some! I also LOVE the "Transcend Circumstance."I'm going to remember that!

Lynn said...

I used to tell my 3rd graders to TRANSCEND! whenever they whined about something or someone.
Soon they would tell each other to "Transcend!"

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

What a great place to visit! We're planning on a New England tour some summer on the byke and I should write this place down!

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