Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Dinner Tablescape



I know Easter isn’t until Sunday but I just needed to get the table set so I could do some cooking! I find as I get older that I am finding it harder and harder to multi-task and by that I mean cleaning, cooking and setting the table all in the same time period while trying to maintain my sunshine-like demeanor. That was a mouthful! So this afternoon I vacuumed and dusted downstairs and I should not have to do any more downstairs as long as shoes stay off.


The tablecloth is on the table and I am playing with the centerpiece. The dishes are a mixture of old and new. I look at the table differently now. A plate on a tablecloth doesn’t seem to be enough. I have studied some of the bloggers starting with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch who is the hostess for Tablescape Thursday and Bill at Affordable Accoutrements and learned a great deal. Bill has a knack for finding the most beautiful china, crystal, and silver at amazing prices. Please stop by Susan’s and see what the other Tablescapers have done.

 L1020944 L1020945

When I was a child we always went to Sussex to have dinner with Gram Potter.  There was a ham and scalloped potatoes. I think there were peas but I am not sure because I didn’t like them. My sister didn’t like them either. There was a gelatin salad which we call perfection salad and my sister and I just love. The round oak table was extended to its fullest and covered with a beautiful crocheted tablecloth which was then covered with plastic for protection. My sister and I were perfect little girls and we were expected to sit at the table until everyone was finished. Finished included many stories of gall bladders and other miseries. We amused ourselves by trying to stretch the plastic without making holes – sort of bump like designs. The peas that we smuggled into our napkins were “mushed” into the ornate oak scrolling under the table.


Gram usually had forsythia which she had forced on the table and her dishes were Limoges. I bought some Limoges this summer thinking ahead to Spring tablescapes. This forsythia is silk and I bought it at Pottery Barn.



Gram Potter was a collector. She loved auctions. She also was an avid baker and was thrilled with Betty Crocker mixes because she could save the coupons and get things for her house. She liked the silverplate spoons and I have them. I believe they are called Vintage and they were manufactured by Rogers.  I am fortunate to have a few other pieces like the fork below. You can read about them here. I will use them for coffee and dessert on Sunday.



I will continue tomorrow with Foodie Friday for Gram’s Perfection Salad which was an Easter tradition. My sister recreated this salad after some reminiscing.


Sharon Haynie said...

Your table is gorgeous! Isn't it great what memories come from a simple plate or glass or spoon? Have a lovely weekend!

Maggie B said...

Such a pretty Easter table, love the bunnies and the memories that you shared.

Allie and Pattie said...

I love the table and the story! I collect different Limoges salad plates and love to mix them up- so pretty!
xoxo Pattie

Jackie said...

Hi Carol

Have missed you, pleased to see you back blogging. Your plates are lovely and the glassware. It seemed funny when you mentioned Sussex as that is where we are going this Sunday for lunch, but obviously not the same one!!
Looking forward to seeing "Gram’s Perfection Salad" tomorrow.

Have a very Happy Easter. Jackie in UK.

Mimi said...

Your table is lovely with all the sparkling yellow crystal and that gorgeous china.

D.B. said...

Very beautiful! What gorgeous colors - elegant.

podso said...

I like the colors in your tablescape. They look like Easter to me. Have a wonderful Easter week.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hi Carol, I love your table -- and the Limoges is gorgeous -- I've never seen that pattern before; it's very different. I like the soft look of the colors.

Where did you get those beautiful wine glasses, the amber colored ones with the etching? They are really pretty -- love them!

Lovely Easter table, thanks! I'm always a sucker for bunnies.

Bill said...

Hi Carol,
Your Easter table is beautiful! You've combined colors, patterns, and textures in a way that's both elegant and inviting. I loved seeing your grandmother's silver serving pieces. Your memories of how the "perfect little girls" entertained yourselves during dinners at Gram Potter's are delightful!

Thank you for the mention. You're always kind and very gracious.

Warmest regards,

Johanna said...

This yellow, gold and brown shades combined with white make your tablescape very sunny. I love the lomoge china, the dark yellow stemware and I enjoyed so much the the story of your childhood with the gall bladders theme, lol. I am thrilled by the idea that you are a collector of flatware, arent you? Have a look on my sidebar, I wrote a book about rosepattern flatware. Maybe thats interesting for you too.

Wish you a happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

I really love your table and your story about your Gram. The silver you have from her is wonderful. I have sterling silver from Oneida which we bought with coupons from butter. My mother and her two sisters got their silver as well as my grandmother with these coupons. Your table is beautiful and especially with all those antiques. Please, be aware that I dont know any person who would price vintage or antique limoges at a ridiculous price as another has claimed.

日月神教-向左使 said...



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