Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweet Talk

If you have been a follower of my blog, you will know that I am a lover of food, flowers, quilts and photography. More recently I have been knitting. I think the knitting has caused quite a case of 
nostalgia and Mother's Day has only intensified these feelings. Perhaps my 50th High School reunion is having some input as well.

My mother was a woman of routine and habit. When she found a product she loved, it was chosen forever. Revlon's Sweet Talk was her color. I cannot remember her ever having another color lipstick or nail polish. I can see her sitting at the kitchen table doing her nails before an evening in the city to see a wonderful musical on Broadway. Hello Dolly was a favorite and that song was requested by my dad at dances they attended.

Her dress was similar in color to the one in the advertisement at the top of the page but was  a very dressy shirtwaist with a lapel and a very full skirt. She wore a little hat with a veil. She shoes were black suede pumps and the pocketbook matched. My sister and I thought she looked beautiful.


The ad said that this color will give you a really new personality. Revlon introduced this color in 1948. You can read about Revlon here.

The advertisement shown above was found on both eBay and Etsy.

I had hoped to post this yesterday but the day got away. I miss her more and more each year. Happy Mother's Day.


Claudia said...

Carol, what a sweet tribute to your mom. I don't remember my mom's lip color but she always put on Oil of Olay before she went to bed and that scent still lingers in my memory.


Sheila said...

Just looking at the ad and the cut of the neckline reminds me of a dress my mother used to wear. She always looked so glamorous when she dressed up to go out. It must be that our mothers always wore dresses for special occasions,,,dresses, gloves, hats, high heels and lipstick! Have a great week Carole!

Vee said...

Oh. I didn't know one missed one's mother more and more each year.

You've remembered well capturing your mother just enough for your readers to have a glimpse, too. So lovely...


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