Thursday, August 16, 2012

Knitting in the rain

Blogging has been quite frustrating this summer as my hotspot device for the internet seems to eat the gigs I am allowed. It is expensive and slow and I suppose I am spoiled with unlimited internet in Florida. So I have been on sharing on Facebook which I can do from my phone. And I have been knitting as I have watched my little garden  NOT thrive. 

These zinnias should have been from my garden but the Japanese beetles live in that pot.

We stopped at our favorite farm stand for tomatoes and fresh corn and they had big bunches of flowers for sale and I bought a bouquet of zinnias. They cheered me right up!

Aren't the colors just glorious?

Rainy days are good for knitting. I finished two projects this past week.

Now I shall go and knit and watch the rain. Hope you are having a wonderful day!


Snap said...

Your knitting is amazing! I love zinnias -- remind me of my Granny, the colors are amazing and they are such a Happy flower!!!!

Vee said...

Of course, it is raining here also, Carol. I am cleaning the kitchen. No, really, I am! How frustrating to not have the access that you want at your summer place. I've certainly missed having you post.

Your knitting is beautiful. Is the blue a shawl?

The zinnias would make a miser grin. Those truly are some of the most colorful I've seen.

Anonymous said...

The colors of the zinnias are AMAZING!! Sorry about your internet problems... not fun

Claudia said...

We really do get spoiled by unlimited internet, don't we? Sorry your time is so limited but your knitting is beautiful!


Archie the wonder dog said...

Your knitting is exquisite!

Maggie said...

What gorgeous creations you've made this week, all because of the rain!
The zinnias, too, are stunning. So vibrant & colourful.
bon weekend

Sheila said...

I've never seen such lovely colours of zinnias! I am going to start planning for next spring and will add zinnias to the top of my list. I've grown them before and loved them. Your knitted work is amazing! You must have so much patience!

Two Succulent Sisters said...

Beautiful zinnias. They are one of my favorites, too. I read your bio and you like to read novels. What are you reading now? So fun visiting. Best wishes, Linda

Jenny Short said...

Beautiful post with your flowers and knitting. xo Jenny


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