Friday, February 8, 2013

For a change from chili......

Every once in a while we try something new. I treated myself to some new dishes and Jack tried a new recipe. I don't have the exact one because we sort of combined a couple. Pozole Rojo can be found here and here and here. The last one is the recipe we used. It was quite complicated but that may have been in the way it was written and our expectation of what it would be when we were done. The finished product was a rich and hearty stew/soup which we garnished with lettuce, radishes, avocado, lime, and fresh cilantro. We used chicken instead of pork. As with many recipes like this, it was even better the next day.

And so Jack started.

We found the guajillo chile peppers on Amazon. We have a lifetime supply of them! If you are on our Christmas list, think Mexican peppers!

The aroma of the peppers in a hot pan was mouth-watering. The poblanos were charred on the grill.

And the blending began. The soup is made in one step and the posole another.

We found hominy at the grocery store. Canned tomatoes were used as beef steak tomatoes are not around this time of the year.

That's all that was left in my bowl. The table looked nice too.

Definitely will make this again.
Have a wonderful weekend.


Vee said...

Well the relatives can't say that you didn't give them fair warning! LOL! Those ingredients would scare John and me. We can't handle too much heat or else haven't developed a taste for it. I like a little more than he does, which translates to I can handle a can of tomatoes with chilies added to a batch of soup. It might be good today, actually.

Maggie said...

Sounds delsh, my mouth is watering at the thought of tasting it!

Pondside said...

I've never cooked with real chilis - that sounds delicious.

Sheila said...

I have never tasted or heard of Posole Rojo but sometimes a new recipe is just what the doctor ordered. it osunds like something the farmer would really enjoy. thanks for sharing it with us!


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