Sunday, November 3, 2013

I am back in my routine but

I cannot keep my coffee table uncluttered...

The dish is Enoch Woods. The pattern is English Scenery. This transferware will soon go on the table for Thanksgiving dinner. This meal is probably my favorite meal to prepare and I have wonderful memories of family and friends around the table. I shall start baking next week!

The quilted runner is new. I "borrowed" it from a friend and am not sure when I can return it! The colors are wonderful and batiks are a favorite. The Kaffe Fassett book contains the pictures and directions for a shawl I would like to knit. The pattern is Persian Poppies. The book is out of print but I found it on Amazon from one of their sellers. Between Amazon and Ebay, I don't have to leave the house except for groceries and knitting!

The basket under the table is my downstairs office! It needs some attention.

I am spending a lot of time with my Featherweight 221. Gathering the accessories and attachments has been a challenge. The above is a freestanding pinking machine and it works like a charm.

And then there is the knitting....

This is the Zig and Zag sock yarn pram blanket - almost finished!

So now I need to make a quilt..

There is a lot going on and I think it will be fun. I shall use different fabrics and try to use up some of the stash in the sewing closet.

But today I shall straighten out the basket under the coffee table, knit a little, and count my blessings. I shall plan for the week and possibly take a nap on the sofa. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Snap said...

Knitting and napping sound really good ... forget the *straightening*! :D

Claudia said...

I bet you love your Featherweight, my friend! I am crazy about mine. Love that pinking machine - I've never seen one!


Susan said...

Wish I could hang around your coffee table for a while. Love your batik colors and Kaffee Fawcett patterns are gorgeous.

Vee said...

So busy and productive! Are you...ahem...borrowing the table runner as a sample for one of your own? Love that dish! It's perfect for Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous blanket with the zigs and zags!!

Rettabug said...

I'm glad to read you're back in FL, safe & sound but sorry about the cold. I had one that lasted almost 3 weeks & really kicked my butt. Ugh!

Love all the wonderful colors & textures & patterns surrounding you...I can close my eyes & be right back in that room with the coffee table. it is so nice to be able to visualize where you & Jack are enjoying the sunshine & warmth again.

Hugs & feel better soon,

The Quintessential Magpie said...

You are always doing something wonderful!, and I love your projects, Carol.




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