Monday, December 9, 2013

Enjoying the view......

I am enjoying the decorations this year. Just a few little touches are left which may or may not happen. I sat this morning and wrote some Christmas cards. We don't send many but the ones I send are important to me. 

My feet up on the coffee table with a cup of coffee, I scribbled away. This felt good.

The Wolford lamps were a Christmas present from good friends. We light them just about every night. They sit on a vintage aluminum tray that belonged to my mother and the whole arrangement rests on a Christmas  runner I made a few years ago. These metalware pieces are fun to collect. Some call them "poor man's silver". Last year I found some Christmas ornaments in by Wendall August. They have a vintage appearance and are a nice addition to the ornament collection.

I make lace ornaments on the embroidery machine. I miss the tinsel that we use to hang piece by piece. I wouldn't have the patience now but we have been watching old Christmas movies and their trees have this tinsel.

Two of the bears I made sit on a child's rocker with an antique doll (who needs some work on her hair). 

My Carolers will live on the Welsh cupboard for a while. 

The stocking are hung on the garland  attached to the railing. We discovered pre-lit battery operated decorations this year. They have opened up a whole new world for us! The tree is real but our garland and wreaths are faux. Real greenery and Florida temperatures are not compatible.

My creche is my favorite and celebrates the true meaning of Christmas. It is the first thing to be set up and the last to be put away. I found these pieces in Marshall's years ago. The set was not complete but the past few years I have found the missing pieces on eBay.

So, this is the view or most of it. I find it hard to photograph the tree as there is too much light coming in from the sliders and shutters.

Thank you for stopping by. Now I shall listen to some music and knit a while!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Your decorations are lovely, Carol. Truly lovely!

Those snowflakes are are the cutest ones I have ever seen. I actually think pretty is the better adjective. Great job on those. All of your pieces are lovely, and I fully u dear stand about the faux greens here.



Vee said...

It all looks so darling and the description of you enjoying coffee while making out your cards is as good as a photo. It almost makes me want to send out cards...almost. said...

Morning Carol, all your decorations look wonderful. I love the crib which is the meaning of Christmas, the birth of the baby Jesus!!

I am sure you and Jack will have a great time.

Harry is at an age now to start enjoying it all, I am looking forward to him being here.

Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

Mac n' Janet said...

It all looks very beautiful, I particularly like your carolers.

bj said...

Love all your pretty decorations...we always put the tinsel icesicles on our tree when I was little. Mom wanted my brother and I to put on one at a time and as soon as she left the room, we both just threw them funny...makes me miss my mama.
xo bj

Lisa Sall - Sall's Country Life said...

I love all of your vintage decorations and the special meanings behind each one! Beautiful, Carol!


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