Wednesday, April 2, 2014

This and that. . .

Spring cleaning has arrived and we have scrubbed and polished and rearranged. The tulips from the market were the final touch on the coffee table when we were done. There is still some work to be done upstairs but that shall be done by the end of the week.

The shelves have been "fed" with Old English and boy were they "thirsty". I felt it was time to rearrange for a slightly different look. I "shopped" the house. Amazing the "stuff" I hadn't seen for a while. I cannot bear to part with these things.  They all tell me a story and remind me of life events and experiences. I feel the presence of my grandparents, parents, my life with my late husband and now my life with Jack.

My mother always treasured this figure. It is a Japanese Hakata Urasaki doll. These figurines were made as souvenirs for the US soldiers. I do not know how my mother came to have him. I need to do more research because some were made in China according to some information I read. I found him tucked in a cupboard and thought he would look nice next to a belt buckle that Jack bought in Arizona made by an Indian tribe. We had it framed in a shadow box and it lives on an end table.

Senor Frog came back from Mexico to a relative's house and lived in their enclosed porch. I saved his life and he has been with me for almost 40 years. We are both showing our age. . . I love hand painted china and have some that was done by a great-great aunt. I bought the plate with the robin and apples locally. The painting is signed Snook. That name would be related to the painter of my pieces if it is a small world after all.

I had lunch with a friend on Monday. She brought "show and tell". Her work is exquisite. 

Right down to the zipper pulls!

The pattern is Classmate by Atkinson Designs. Thank you Donna. I shall fill this with my quilting paraphernalia  and put on my project table in the studio.

We had lunch with a friend from Maine yesterday and today was a "grandmother" shower for my friend Pat.

So, back to the cleaning with a detour at the embroidery machine. The Honeycomb Quilting CD is in the mail.

Thanks for stopping by.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

I'm so glad you love your new organizer! I hope it gives you years and years of faithful service. I'm looking forward to getting together again soon. I'm likin' that Honeycomb design disc, too. Did you order it from our mutual friend "up north"?
I have an inquiring mind. lol

Snap said...

You've been busy! Spring brings out the "shopping in the house" bug for me, too!

Rettabug said...

What a lovely gift from Donna! I'm jealous that you two were able to get together for lunch. I still remember our gathering a few years ago. I'll get back down there one day...this winter was brutal & we wished we had escaped, even for a little while.

I must go find out about the "wheelchair" on the cruise. I've not been keeping up!!


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