Monday, May 12, 2014

Winding Down....

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was lovely. I heard from my boys and Jack's daughter. Jack appeared with a card and a lovely Asian lily in a gorgeous shade of pink. We celebrated on Saturday with a nice lunch at Pop's Sunset Grill which is now our most favorite of all.

I saw my ship come in ...however, it went right by. Sad. 

The Mango Rub Shrimp are my favorite.

Now that this day is over, we get serious about heading north. Jack will break down his fish tank which he loves and I will finish up in the studio. I like to clean the machines and organize all the supplies. I will take some projects back but not that many. I think this will be the summer of doctors. Hopefully I will get some relief from this "crud" on my fingers and need to have cataract surgery. Lots of trips back and forth to Portland!

I have enjoyed the embroidery machine and love the projects that are completely made in the hoop.

This pincushion is quite cute. I shall make some more. I am playing with the Brother Scan and Cut for appliqué in the hoop. I quite like it. Next to the pincushion is a little sewing kit. This is mostly made in the hoop and just needs the binding attached.

This summer is a landmark in terms of events. I will turn 70!!!!! Jack and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage. I have so many thoughts about these two events. My emotions run the gamut from OMG to blessed.

I will miss Florida but we will be back before we know it. 

Hope you have a wonderful week.


Susan Sevig said...

Pulling up roots for a short time can be daunting, but you are used to it by now. I hope you get results this summer for all the health problems. You have encouraged me to get some guidance when we settle in Arizona for my Brother embroidery machine. I might even look for a trade in since mine is 13 years old. Love what you are doing with the hoops. Take care and may your travels be smooth and don't forget to enjoy all the happiness.

Snap said...

I love all your handwork ... always enjoy seeing what you are doing. Take care!

Mac n' Janet said...

Beautiful work, have a safe trip north.

Pam said...

Pretty pretty! You are so creative!!! I'm green with envy. I hope your "crud" issue gets resolved soon. Have a safe trip North!

Vee said...

Carol, your accomplishments with the sewing projects always leave me in awe. Sounds like a busy summer indeed. Wish that it were warmer to welcome you, but perhaps the weather will have changed for the better by the time you arrive. Wishing you a lovely summer!

Rettabug said...

I remember Pop's Sunset blackened salmon Caesar salad I ever had!!

Love the latest projects...I've been toying with the idea of getting a scan & cut thingy. I must check them out more. Or call you & pick YOUR brain about them. LOL



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