Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Fine Line . . .

This is most of what was in the house. There are a few more boxes in the garage which will go to storage today. Now I shall pack at my leisure and as the spirit moves me. I am most anxious to knit or sew or do some needlepoint. This move and the new house have consumed me this summer. Most of my projects are packed away.

My sewing corner is all but empty. My project table is in storage.

My quilts are in the now almost empty linen closet.

My coffee table has one side that lifts up to make a desk/table and there is storage. There are two little seats on rollers and the seats lift up for storage. Think knitting.

My pine cupboard has gone to its new home where it looks better than it did here.

The concrete walls are up and the wood arrived. 

We went to Pop's Sunset Grill for lunch and while there (sipping an adult beverage), I decided that I can do no more packing until there is a contract. I need to be able to live here. So tomorrow I am going to do some machine embroidery. I will pick up as I go along (a challenge) and then maybe make a list of what needs to packed next.

Happy weekend!

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

Carol, I am just getting back to blogging, and I did some reading to catch up on what you are doing. I so understand wanting to be on one floor, and we are headed in that direction in at least one house.

It looks like you are very organized. And your house looks so fresh and pretty. I know someone will just love it!

Sending hugs to you, my friend. I so understand the challenge of packing and staging! I hope the rest of yours is a breeze! That is my prayer or you...




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