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 PhotoScape is a program that offers some artistic help. The edit page and filter choice enabled some wonderful color sketches as shown above and below. This little cabin in the woods at the lake is where we spend the summer. It is dear.

I am not an artist. I would love to paint and believe me I have tried. I love color and I love photography and I love the computer. So now I can be an artist. With Virtual Painter and other programs, creativity can come quite easily. I am in the process of converting some of my pictures into different artistic media and very much enjoying the whole process. I hope you will stop by my "studio" from time to time.

 This rowboat was on the shore for a long time and became part of the landscape. My photo became a painting.

I like this Fauvist style. The painting is not exactly precise (sort of like me). The brush strokes are bolder and the colors more brilliant.

Sunset on the lake........

 Pink Flower on Porch


A Garden of Threads said...

I have also been turning my pictures in paintings, but I am using Photoshop. Is it not wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Carol, Glad to hear that you are recovering from your surgery. From my younger days I have always enjoyed sunrises & sunsets "at the lake." We just returned home after celebrating our anniversary in northern Italy, stayed at a small inn overlooking Lake Maggiore. Our days were filled with lots of walking and visiting the Borromeo palaces on Isola Madre and Isola Bella. Now I will try my hand at creating some digital art like yours. Take good care, Rebecca

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Hi Carol!

I just happened to pop onto your blog for the first time and have sure enjoyed my time here. First of all your blog is so welcoming and peaceful. I must become a follower so I can stop by again and again.

We just purchased Photoshop and I am just learning how to use it, but very slowly. I would love to know more about how you turned your photos into those pretty paintings. If you ever have time could you mention or email me a few of the steps on how to do it in photoshop?

It's nice to meet you,
Lee Ann


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