Monday, October 12, 2009

Bridge of Oxford County…..

Oh, did I love Bridges of Madison County – both the book and the movie. I have probably seen the movie a dozen times and read the book 3 or 4 times.
Today we took a drive to East Fryeburg where friends had told us of Hemlock Bridge. The road to the bridge is quite adequate for the first mile and then becomes a dirt road that is really quite passable except for a few too many deep ruts which the Thunderbird doesn’t deal with very well.
I had googled Hemlock Bridge and was not really impressed with information available. However, off we went. The day was glorious and the foliage was glorious and the bridge was gorgeous. Built in 1857, Hemlock Bridge is a 109 foot Paddleford truss strengthened with laminated arches. The bridge was reinforced in 1988 and you can drive across it today.
The bridge spans channels of the Saco River and on the other side there is an area for picnics.
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hemlock bridge
Just a lovely day! Next time we will take a picnic.


Riet said...

Oh my goodness, how wonderful those bridges are. Your pictures are all beautiful and I love the mosaic.

Michelle said...

When I read your title the first thing I thought of was "Bridges of Madison County"!

Gorgeous bridge and such beautiful landscape!

Brenda said...

What lovely photos! I wonder why it is we think of romance when we see these special bridges? Must be the movie inspired by them! I would love to take pics there. I would love to get my camera in the mail so I can take any pics at this point!

Icy BC said...

This is just fantastic! Your photos are stunning, and breath-taking..Though I only see the bridge through the movie, your beautiful pictures make it more real to me..

Velva said...

The photo are beautiful! As soon as I saw the first bridge photo, the first thought was Bridges of Madison County. I have read the book ( could not put it down) and the movie was really good too.
Thank you for taking me on this photo journey. Just lovely.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Beautiful photos and mosaic! I loved both book and movie also. Meryl Streepis such a wonderful actress!

Jackie said...

What beautiful photographs and the weather looks glorious too. I love water and reflection, and you have got them both. Jackie.

Ebie said...

Ms Carol, these are beautiful images! The first one is my favorite! Me, too, I've seen the movie so many times!

nicolette said...

Ohhhh, I love all those wooden bridges. Such a wonderful pictures!
I’m a big fan of the movie Bridges of Madison County too!

Thanks for your visit and very sweet comment!

MiniMadWoman said...

I loved 'The Bridges of Madison County' too! I read the book and passed it along to my sister . . . she never did give it back!

Your photos are just lovely! The bridge is so wonderful and sits in its surroundings beautifully. For sure a perfect spot for a picnic!

Thanks for sharing!



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