Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just going to catch up a bit....

This is doctor and checkup week. Trips into Portland are taking up whole days. We head back to Florida soon and there is so much to do before we leave. The little cottage on the lake is not winterized so we keep anything that should not freeze at Jack's house. So back and forth we go.

I seem to have acquired a lot this summer. I, of course, think that all those dishes were waiting for me to buy them. The goblets were necessary as well. I can't wait to try Tablescape Thursday on a real table.

We have had some company and we took a ride to the White Mountains.

The foliage is not at peak yet but it will be soon if the rain doesn't ruin it. Usually peak and the Fryeburg fair come at the same time. We did the Fryeburg Fair and had a wonderful time but we know after the fair it is time to get serious about the packing and organizing.

There is a covered bridge that I hope to get some pictures of but we shall see. Time is running out.

And I need to get everything done because the plane leaves on November 1! Everybody, have a great week!


Sunny said...

Lovely Autumn pictures. Our area is very close to peaking.
Enjoy your day.
Sunny :)

Velva said...

Beautiful! You are leaving that beautiful scenery to join us back in Florida? Temps here in North Florida are still in the mid 80's! I guess winter in Main would be a challenge.

Beautiful autumn photos. I enjoyed the blog post.

Michelle said...

This is my medical month too and it seems like all I do is travel back and forth from Dr to Dentist to Veterinarian! Yep even the dogs have been to the Dr!

Hope your packing goes well.


Rhondi said...

Hi Carol
Those are beautiful photos. Have fun getting ready to go to Florida.


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