Saturday, November 21, 2009

A gift from Normandy



I happened upon a contest of sorts and I won. I never win anything so imagine my delight when I won not one but 2 Pay it forwards in one week! Today I received my gift from Maggie B. at Normandy Life. Maggie writes a wonderful blog and takes amazing photographs.


Now I should have known when Jack came up with a candy in his mouth and offered me one that something was up! I am struggling around on the floor trying to make some sense and order out my guest room which I am turning into a studio/office. The bed will be a Murphy bed and when the bed is in the upright position, the underside will serve as my design wall. I am quite thrilled.


But anyway back to looking up at Jack (who is tall but very tall when you are on the floor) and the candy. Creme de caramel – mmmmmn. Maggie had told me she had sent the package but I thought it might take a little longer. I came downstairs for lunch and there on the coffee table was a pile of presents


and some candy….


I opened the card first. A lovely rendering of the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace. Juliette founded the Girl Scouts of America. I was a Girl Scout, Maggie. I loved earning those badges.


She wrote a wonderful note inside. Somehow I just knew her handwriting would be like this.


So now onto the presents.


In this package was this darling sign.



And in the other package was this little guy. He looks handmade and is just adorable.

L1010834 L1010836 L1010835

Thank you Maggie B.

Now I will begin to plan my P.I.F. I am so glad that the rules allow 1 year to follow through. I won’t take a year but I need to come up with entry plan and some ideas for presents. And I need to get off the floor and have my design table in place!


Jackie said...

Hi Carol

A well deserved win for sure with some lovely items. Cingratulations!!
I hope the room change is going well.Jackie.

Jackie said...

Sorry Carol, I should of checked my spelling before I posted the comment. CONGRATULATIONS!! J

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Congratulations, Carol, on receiving these wonderful gifts! Something tells me you have been a good elf and deserve them!


Sheila :-)

Jacalyn @ said...

What a wonderful gift! Lucky you! Happy Pink Saturday!


Kate at Serendipity said...

Don't you just LOVE prezzies? These are really special. Congratulations to you! Enjoy it--you deserve them all.

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

How lovely when a gift comes in the mail! I'd much rather have one come randomly than do the holiday thing. For then they're expected. I like the "unexpected" gift. More magical somehow!

Sarah said...

So happy you were one of Maggie's PIF participants. Maggie is a good friend and a great gal. You would love her! She sent some great gifts! Happy Pink Saturday and Blessings for Thanksgiving! ~ Sarah

Riet said...

What a wonderful gift. How nice to win somthing for a change.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Carol:
What a lovely package of gifts you received. Your new studio project actually sounds like fun. I'll be doing some of the same with our library (turning it into a second guest room) very soon. I'm not looking forward to the purging...and lifting, but the end result will be worth it.
Thanks for visiting Brynwood again. Hope to see you in Sarasota soon! (perhaps after Thanksgiving)

Toni said...

I am discovering the most beautiful blogs just by clicking the 'follow me' buttons on the blogs. From That Old House to Affordable Accoutrements to here I believe. I may never get anything done today!

xinex said...

I was one of the 3 recipients too. Love the presents and the vintage post cards are very interesting...Christine


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