Tuesday, March 9, 2010

At last……

I bought this house before I remarried. My first husband had passed away and I decided that I needed to have a different life. My children were grown and busy with their lives and I was restless. So I bought this home and got a job. I went back to Maine for a quick visit and met Jack and the rest, as they say, is history. My guest room has served as an office and studio for some time and it wasn’t working. So this year I decided to make some major changes….
The room was pretty as long as I wasn’t in the middle of a project or really busy on the computer. The bed and chair were always piled up.
I called in my decorator….


She hired a clerk of the works……(he spent most of his time gawking at her!)

So, I got rid of the double bed for a start and bought a Murphy Bed. Then a new desk was acquired and then a comfy chair. But my favorite is the project table that I got on sale from Pottery Barn. I can still sew back in the corner but my embroidery machines sits happily on the table. Let me show you some new pictures.
On the ottoman is stuff to go through and deal with – I just wanted to give you a sense of the room because I do work in it and although I like things pristine, my creativity spawns clutter!
On the project table I have my Cricut and my embroidery machine. If I were embroidering, there would be several trays of thread. So in this picture, the table looks quite good.

I love the desk. It is very functional but allows me to display some favorite family pieces.
I usually have iTunes playing from the Mac. Right now I am playing Andrea Bocelli.

To my left is the sewing area. The design wall holds my latest effort. I need to get that finished.

Over the weekend, I really tried to put a push on some more organized pictures. So I pretended I needed the guest room for company! I cleaned off the project table except for the embroidery machine and fluffed the pillows and voila! Behind these shelves…..
L1020490 L1020404 L1020396 L1020488
Ribbons calling my name..
L1020398 Some of the workers.
The name of this rose is studio.
So a vase on the way into the room.
L1020547 A favorite little pillow hangs on the door.
I hope you enjoyed this transformation. Now I have a hundred things I want to make and the room will probably never look the same again!


Maggie B said...

What a lovely work space you have created for yourself, I wish mine was as pretty!
Then with a flick of the wrist voila! a peaceful & comfortable guest room, perfect.
When can I come??

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

You have carved out a wonderful and pretty work space for yourself. I love your decorator! Have a nice day.


Jackie said...

Hi Carol

Sorry I am a bit late commenting but I have been out all day. Love the room, new word for me, Murphy bed,(wall bed) but I know what one looks like as Phil had one in his Studio flat when I met him.

The room shows how busy you are and how you need all the working space to produce your beautiful quilts etc ..You and your co workers have done a grand job, well done. Jackie in UK.

Velva said...

Just beautiful. Love it.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Carol, I love it!

And is that a mule over your desk??? I adore mules!

You have a WONDERFUL office. Great job on this. I would love a room just like this one.


Sheila :-)

Kate at Serendipity said...

Oh, Carol, this is wonderful. I love Murphy beds. They're just magic, I think.

I love your room.

Bella said...

I love it! A great transformation - it looks like you're all set now. I just love the fabric hanging behind the chair with the cute Nest pillow in it. Gorgeous!

Jeffrey Charles Day said...
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Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I love your workroom/studio/guest room! I am currently trying to decide which empty bedroom to set up as my rug hooking studio. My hubby has taken over the downstairs room I wanted for all his tools and hunting/fishng gear!


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