Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday at the farms…




I am joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday. Please be sure to visit the other participants and see what they have been doing outdoors.

We are so fortunate in the summer to be able to get wonderful produce and farm fresh eggs in this area. I no longer have the vegetable gardens I used to have. Instead I have some containers so I can cut flowers and some herbs so I can season the food.


We get eggs at a nearby farm.


We all save our egg cartons from week to week. We take back an empty and come home with a dozen. The egg at the top is pale green/blue and comes from an Araucana  chicken or a similar breed. You can read about these chickens here. The owners of the farm always make sure that each dozen contains one pastel egg.


You can see the variety of colors in the dozen I got today.



Some of the girls were strolling about but they were quite camera shy and turned their backs on me. Their  eggs are amazing. The yolks are a brilliant yellow. These eggs give new meaning to fried egg sandwiches.


Then we were off in another direction to get tomatoes. In a field to the right tucked almost in the tree line were beehives.


The field is full of wildflowers and clover and the honey will be sold at the farm. Soon the hives will be hidden as the field grows taller.


Then we went into the farm and got our tomatoes. We keep them on the windowsill where they are a decorative touch for the cabin. We are making Cathy’s Baked Bean sandwiches for supper. You can get the recipe here at Wives with Knives.

I picked some flowers and the windowsill vignette is done.


Thank you for stopping by. I love your comments. I will catch up and visit later in the week. I am having a hip replacement in three weeks and there is a lot of pre-op going on.



Bella said...

What a great post! I love all your photos - and the flowers and tomatoes look wonderful in the windowsill. I've got herbs sitting in a couple of my windows in the kitchen - so handy for cooking and they look beautiful. Hope all goes well with your upcoming surgery!

lori vliegen said...

can there be anything more gorgeous than fresh flowers and veggies from the garden?! and those eggs look beautiful! what a treat to live in an area where all of that is abundant! :)))

podso said...

Your photos are beautiful! I thought you might enjoy this article/ photos of a familiar place to you. My sister sent it to me today:


Dani said...

wow..those tomatoes look perfect. i like all your photos.

Happy Wednesday!

Love Bears All Things said...

Sorry to hear about your hip surgery...I loved the visit to the farm...Free range chickens give the best eggs...Our tomatoes will not be ready until the middle of July.
Mama Bear

vignette design said...

I loved this post! Chickens and fresh eggs. Tomatoes and honey. Makes my heart sing!
Hope your hip surgery goes well. My friend just had it done yesterday. He is doing great!

SuKnitWitty said...

Hi Carol...I was so glad to see you had visited SuKnitWitty on my 'BackTo Knittin'and Bloggin' post! I didn't know you were a knitter, too. We sure have alot of the same things going on! This OneSockThingie is about to end for me as I have finished the OnePurple sock and started on the mate...yay! Hope to finish it this week...there'll be a celebration post for sure! Love all your FreshPhoto's especially those 'SassyChicks' with their uh Backs turned! I hope your NewHip surgery goes well...Sue

Mary said...

LOVE the one pastel egg in the dozen & love seeing the hens :-)

The Paint Splash said...

Great post. The tomatoes do look perfect! I love the chickens. We try to use fresh eggs but sometimes I end up a wal-mart...oh well. Please come by and visit when you can! Debbie

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

Love their idea of including one pastel egg! Like an Easter treat all the time! I'm so sorry about your having to have the hip replacement. My husband is 59 and had to have both hips done seven years apart. Something about being born breach, I think.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

This is what life is all about! To me it doesn't get any more perfect, love the tomatoes on the window sill, the chickens are gorgeous (keep thinking I want/need some) and flowers from the yard are beautiful-enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hope your surgery goes well.....
Love the pics, especially the "girls"!!

From the Kitchen said...

Farm fresh eggs and a bouquet of garden flowers. How lovely! Snapdragons are a favorite. I used to "talk" to my children with them. Thanks for the memories!

I'm sending along best wishes for a speedy recovering from your hip surgery.


Rettabug said...

Such luscious photos, Carol! I've never joined in that meme of outdoor shots. ♥ yours!
Thanks for mentioning Cathy's baked bean sandwich recipe...I would have missed seeing it.

Didn't know you were going to have hip surgery but I know you will feel better once its over. I just had my step-son inject my Rt. hip... he says its bursitis. Feels SO much better now!


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