Saturday, May 14, 2011

Better late than never.....

 Fresh Market had peonies and I had to buy some. They are a little pricier than some of the flowers at the market but it was Mother's Day!

I filled an antique vase with them and put them on the pine coffee table. There is a subtle scent and they are soft like clouds.

We had friends in for dinner. Jack made his sauce and I made up individual antipastos. Dinner was delicious! I wanted something different for dessert. Ina talked about simple Italian desserts on one of her shows and I tried one. I had a small bottle of Vin Santo. You can read about it here.

Arranged on an antique glass plate were a clementine, biscotti, chocolate covered caramels with sea salt and the Vin Santo. The biscotti was dipped in the wine and followed up with a slice of clementine and a bite of chocolate! Perfect end to a lovely meal.

I am joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for another Pink Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful roses, I love it!
Kisses and nice weekend:)

podso said...

Carol. your peonies are lovely. I really enjoyed ours this year, its the first time our fairly new plants bloomed abundantly. The scent is lovely and we had several vase fulls. Suddenly the petals fell and I looked outside and the same thing was happening to those on the bush. So the show was over! But it was nice. Have a good weekend.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Beautiful peonies Carol! I'm patiently(?) waiting for mine to bloom, usually around Memorial Day they start! Your dessert looks great-Happy Weekend:@)

Cindy said...

Peonies are so pretty. Your photographs looks amazing! Happy Saturday. :)

Kaye - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

Those peonies are so lovely. I've never tried growing them but one of our neighbors has them in his home landscaping designs and they are so pretty, I might give them a try or suggest them to my senior mom for one of her gardening projects. Thank you for a lovely Pink Saturday :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday
Your post reflected on how Somerset Life would portray life - taking the simple things and making them not only beautiful but extra special with that certain little touch.
A lovely post.

Rettabug said...

Oooooh, yummalicious! I BUY orange flavored chocolate every Christmas, so I know those flavors must have been terrific together.

I wish I could send you some of my peonies once they open!! I will have arm loads, literally. They were dug up rizomes from my childhood home, brought to this house by my sisters for me when we first moved in. Perhaps you'll have some blooming in Maine when you get up there?


Cottage Touch said...


Vee said...

Those peonies are wonderful. I do wish they'd last a little longer than they do in a bouquet. What an innovative idea for dessert! Very nice indeed.

Claudia said...

Love peonies - I checked for them last week at Trader Joe's but they hadn't arrived there.


Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh Carol, you totally had me at the Peonies -- my FAVORITE cut flower! -- and then you pulled out all the stops with that dessert. How elegant! AND delicious. What a beautiful ending to a meal with friends. I'm going to have to remember this. (And hope Howard doesn't look around and say, "Hey, where's the pie?"

Enjoy the weekend!

Olive Cooper said...

Carol, they are so pretty. It is just too hot here for peonies to grow. Have a lovely weekend. ♥O

Lara said...

what gorgeous roses. Happy Pink Saturday. Please feel free to visit my blog

Cozy Little House said...

I'll take a piece of candy please.

Nancy's Notes said...

Your roses are exquisite and I just love your idea of dessert! Perfect!


Babs said...

Gorgeous peonies and VERY gorgeous dessert. Very chic! Sounds and looks delicious.
Thanks for stopping by my blog with lovely comments.
Hope your weekend is great.

LV said...

You are not too late. Your post was worth waiting on. Nice job!

Pattie T. said...

Forget the peonies, bring on the chocolate! That dessert plate looks wonderful!

KnitOne, PearlOnion said...

Love the dessert idea! Will borrow it but will, of course, link back to you my dear!

Maggie said...

Hi Carol,
I love peonies or pfingsrosen as they are known in Germany. My neighbour there had huge bushes of them and their perfume was very heady & intense.
Ina's simple dessert sounds like the perfect end to dinner, and so elegant too!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Even though you told me about your dessert when we were together on Friday, I had to see the photos to get the full effect. I'm coming to your house for dessert from now on...and I'm taking Jack up on his offer for a hot cuppa tea, too! ;-)

I love the peonies. I didn't know they grew down here! (So much I still don't know about Florida horticulture. Sigh.) So, do they get populated with fire ants down here instead of the benign ones we're used to up north? Just wondering.

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday, my friend - and looking forward to our next visit!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I just adore peonies! To me they are the haute couture of flowers! While I don't have any yet . . . my neighbor does and I get to look at hers! Secretly I'm waiting for her to split her plant and give me a few!

Thank you for visiting my blog and for stopping by my friend Susan's blog "From Beyond My Kitchen Window". I hope you have a lovely weekend, I enjoyed my visit today!

once in a blue moon said...

i adore peonies, throw in some treats and oolala i am thrilled!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Hi Carol, I am back from a few days in the UK, so much to catch up on in the blog sphere. I was so pleased to see you mention Vino Santo and biscotti and I love the way you presented the dessert. :)


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