Friday, May 20, 2011

A French Dinner

 The slide show is now in my sidebar. I will take some time next week to figure out how I could have made it part of my post.

A few weeks back we had dinner with friends. Our friends love dishes, food and flowers as much as we do. So the day was chosen and all we had to do was bring a bottle of wine and I brought my camera.
I should have known when I saw the chef that we were in for a wonderful meal!

He was consulting with Julia

and the two of them chose.

The table was set and there was a lovely centerpiece.

The light in the dining room changed throughout the afternoon.


Vee said...

Looks as if it was a wonderful evening of culinary delights. I also enjoyed seeing the pretty plates and dishes.

Jackie said...

I have been missing your tablescapes but this one was worth the wait. It all looks wonderful, the food, china, cutlery (flatware) Reminds me it is only a month until we go to France although I don't think it will be very fine dining as we are both keen to keep losing weight!! I am looking forward to getting a few French china etc.. souvenirs.

Have a great weekend, Love Jackie.x

From the Kitchen said...

I'd love to be introduced to your friends--I'd bring the wine!! What a lovely evening captured in your photographs.


podso said...

Very nice, Carol. It all looks like an enjoyable time and good food! It's nice to have friends who like the same things.

Sall's Country Life said...

Thanks for having us along, it looks wonderful. Catching up on some blog reading today, Love your photos of the peonies! You are so right they do look like clouds, and love your editing! Have a great weekend, looks like you may be doing some quilting? Have fun!!!

Maggie said...

The food, the flowers & the table all look divine.
The white roses are stunning and chocolate pots too!
I so enjoyed the slideshow tour.

Red Couch Recipes said...

Carol, sounds like a wonderful eving. I love a carefully prepared meal. I had a pig like that, by kids broke his ears off. I threw it away. What was I thinking...there's always glue! Have a great weekend. Joni

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

I so enjoy a party with a fun theme. It looks like yours was delightful.


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