Monday, September 30, 2013

Chilly nights mean chowder

The nights have been chilly. The fall days have been beautiful. The market had fresh haddock so we made chowder. I say we because Jack does all the chopping. I oversee the whole process and carefully measure the wine before popping it in the oven! This recipe is somewhat unusual because it is baked in the oven. You can see the recipe here. This recipe is quite forgiving and adjustable. 2 hours at 325 degrees works well. Sometimes when feeling more diet conscious, I use skim milk with a bit of cream.

We like chowder, or "chowdah" as we say in Maine, in a mug. The recipe came from a community cookbook A Taste of New Hampshire.  The book is a collection of recipes from the New Hampshire Division of the American Cancer Society and no longer in print.

Now the boiling water and wine (optional) are added and the casserole is covered and baked. A salad and some crusty bread make a wonderful dinner.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Vee said...

We love chowder here. And nothing tastes quite so fine on a beautiful, chilly autumn evening. I like the concept of this chowder. I am pinning it and hoping that you won't mind. I can remove it, if you do.

podso said...

It's good to be back in soup/chowder season, isn't it.

Rettabug said...

Gosh this sounds good, Carol! I will surely give it a try. I like things I can fix & forget while I'm downstairs sewing.

I'm entering 3 quilts in our local quilt show this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will ya'? I'm hoping for at least one ribbon!


Jenny Short said...

Good to know since I'm a Texan and we don't do "chowda". Now that I am in Holland I want to know how to make it. Thank you. xo Jenny

From the Kitchen said...

I'm always happy to welcome the soups and chowders of fall. This looks and sounds delicious!!


Maggie said...

Love chowder, one of our faves, thanks for sharing this old, out of print recipe.


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