Friday, September 13, 2013

Set in his/her/their ways

I am sure you have heard this phrase used to describe someone. I never thought it would apply to me but it does. And it applies to Jack and it applies to us. It is getting worse. My son wanted us to go home a different route so that we could see what he has been working on. We don't ever go that way. We only go a certain route.

Sunday nights we have homemade pizza. This means we do not go out nor do we entertain and there are almost no exceptions to this.

We don't drive anywhere on a holiday weekend in the summer in Maine. We only shop at certain stores.

They used to say that Gram Potter was set in her ways. She couldn't come home from shopping without buying something. Grampa Lane didn't like to travel far from home. Gram Lane did not share her fudge. My mother did all her work in the morning - nothing after lunch except maybe a bridge game. I do nothing after lunch and if I had fudge, I probably wouldn't tell you!

Christmas is our favorite holiday. We decorate early and enjoy the way our home looks. Because we both missed some Christmases when our spouses were so ill and after they died, we treasure our holidays.

I shall order the live tree for delivery as soon as we are back in Florida. It will be delivered the day after Thanksgiving.

The creche will be unpacked and arranged.

The ornaments shall be "hooked" and ready to be hung.

The coffee table will be decorated. I usually have one or two different ones throughout the holidays.
I am looking forward to all of this. No rush - no disorganization - just enjoyment.

Are you set in your ways?


Snap said...

These are good ways!


Mac n' Janet said...

Very! Never drive on holiday weekends, go to see our daughter on Easter and Thanksgiving, fly her down for her birthday and Christmas.

Mac n' Janet said...

Very! Never drive on holiday weekends, go to see our daughter on Easter and Thanksgiving, fly her down for her birthday and Christmas.

Randolph Parker said...

Just what I need on an end-of-summer day with the sun just breaking through and the lake like a mirror in front of me - pictures of bloody Christmas decorations. Other than that, a delightful posting.

Vee said...

Quite. I like a lot of your set ways and may have to adopt them, which will mean that I'm not so set in my ways. Hope that you get to see what your son was working on.

Susan said...

Interesting post, Carol. You would think with my German background that I would be very stiff and set in routine, but I am quite the opposite. Dale and I are still restless and do not want to miss a chance for anything. In that respect, so many things do not get completed in my life. But, "tomorrow is another day."

Claudia said...

Yes, I fear I am. More so than Don.


Pamela Gordon said...

Yes, I am. He is. We are. I decorate for Christmas right after Remembrance Day November 11 as our Thanksgiving is in October so I'm ready. And I read the newspaper while I eat lunch every day and check email while I eat breakfast. Oh, there are so many things that I/he/we are set in our ways about! Great post Carol.

Rettabug said...

I'm getting more & more like my grandmother every day & she was VERY set in her ways. LOL I think its a good thing...traditions are made that way.

Loved seeing these photos, Carol! Pretty Christmas!!


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