Sunday, February 23, 2014

Painting with yarn.....

I thought I would try needlepoint for a while. My fingers are still affected by the dermatitis so I thought I would give them a rest. Susan and Vickie at A Good Yarn found me some gold-plated tapestry needles so I shall give them a try. The needlepoint department of this store is wonderful. All the latest and the best so I needed to have the D4 frame and I love it (no affiliation). I figured out how raise the frame and now settle myself in my chair with the phone and my water. Once you are set up it takes a minute to "unset".

I have always loved needlework. The needlepoint koi pillow was a labor of love (that means it took a very long time!).

So now I am working on a door stop. Smaller projects seem to work better for my short attention span.

The case for my glasses was made on my embroidery machine in the hoop. I love the way the Kaffe fabric picks up the colors of the needlepoint design. My friend Sue from Naples took a class in embellishment with stitches so I have done some French knots in the center of the flowers.

I shall finish unpacking and make a pot of tea and sit and stitch. I think some music might complete the picture.

What are you going to do?


Snap said...

I like thinking of needlepoint as painting with yarn. Have fun!

Vee said...

What am I going to do? Watch you doing something fun! Very, very pretty.

Pam said...

Love it, good post! I love needlepoint, my mom hooked me on it!


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