Sunday, February 22, 2015

The cousins.....then and now

There we were in all our glory with our Gram Lane. We were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. I am on the right holding my cousin Mary Lane. I was 14 and that was a lot of years ago! That was the last time we were all together until February 5th. Although ever the years I had seen some of the cousins, two were missing. One of them made contact with my cousin Martha and plans were made. I wanted them here since I don't go too far and certainly Siesta Key is a nice place to visit.

In the above picture we wore baby blue dresses and white sweaters - never a good look for me or my sister Jean. We had pencils with 45th Wedding Anniversary printed on them. My cousin Sue-Ellen had some made for the cousins' reunion.

Minimum orders allowed us each to have about 50! 

I had hoped to be in my new house much sooner than New Year's Eve. I wanted to make something for them but actually only was able to get into my studio a few days before they arrived. Thank goodness for good friends - talented good friends. Donna from Brynwood Needleworks to the rescue.

Mug mats for all. Gift bags assembled.

And then the food! Again time was running short and energy was in short supply. 10 movers pallets and 2 storage units emptied and arranged. So, I had it catered. Alpine Steak House in Sarasota did the job and the food was wonderful! The menu was a cross between sophistication and comfort.

And so we visited and became reacquainted. We laughed and cried and reminisced. It was a lovely time.
50 some odd years later, the cousins!


Vee said...

Oh how fantastic! I was hoping all the way through that there'd be an updated photo. Your Grandmother Lane had wonderful grands and don't you know how proud she would be of your efforts to be all together again.

Pam said...

Great fun and great memories shared for sure. The food looks good too!

Sheila said...

What an amazing gathering of cousins. You all look wonderful so many years later. It must have been wonderful to be together again.


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