Monday, April 6, 2015

How Time Flies.....

I just don't know where these last few months have gone. We moved in on New Year's Eve and just now are "things" finally coming together. I have a pill organizer which I fill weekly - seems like I am filling it every day! Soon we will make arrangements to go back up north and I am not ready because I want to play in the new house. We will go back to see family but will most likely come back mid-August as there are still some things to be done. Hopefully family will visit here this winter!

The wrapping station is a new addition in the studio. The design wall above is featuring a Kaffe Fassett Quilt named Mediterranean Hexagons in Reds from his book Quilts in Morocco
The cutting table was neatened for this photo and the ironing board has been lowered for easier ironing from my sewing chair. Sew, swivel, press and arrange!

Quilting, knitting and needlepoint books fill the book case and the doll house family keep an eye on progress. My chair is comfortable for knitting or needlepoint or reading directions and the TV is across the room if I need company.

In the office step ladder book cases hold some of my pottery collection. This arrangement is comprised of Vietri, Fenton, and McCoy. The desk holds all the endless paperwork that we both need. Today's wireless technology gets me away from sitting at a desk but Jack likes doing his work there.

We have not entertained as much as usual but we did host Easter dinner and I set the table with dishes  that I have gathered and family treasures. I shopped the house to complete the table!

I have had a fish poacher for many, many years. I used it Sunday for the first time. I used two burners on the gas stove (a new adventure for me) and the salmon was wonderful. I made a poaching liquid of  limes, ginger, peppercorns, honey, and loose green tea and water. We will be making this again. We served the salmon with marinated potato salad and asparagus topped with chopped hard-boiled eggs. And because we are trying not to "overdo", Jack made a fruit cup. He is now in charge of fruit cup making.

So today, while I wait for a painter to paint the ceiling in the garage where the new ladder has been installed, I shall work on my Paris Street Scene needlepoint by Sally Corey. I am waiting for some fiber for my bird pillow so the Paris project has come the front of the line. Jack is making his spaghetti sauce and life is good!

Hope you have a good week!

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