Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The storm before the calm.....

We head back up north in a few days. We fly instead of driving so what needs to go with us is shipped. It is a job.

All projects are on the back burner. The coffee mug says it all.

I have set up the den as a staging area.

Boxes like this are packed and sealed.

The studio is almost back in order.

The sewing/craft closet is boxed and labeled. I knew where everything was before but just couldn't move in there.

Projects are lined up in order.

I even cleaned the top of the desk.

So, how about some coffee and my knitting!


Susan Sevig said...

You are well organized and need to be if you go back and forth. Have always dreamed of flying and not doing the drive, but so far it is impossible. Be safe and enjoy your summer. I think it is warm enough up there now to go back ;)

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh my, that is a lot of work to get organized for your summer move each year. How do you choose what to take and what to leave, especially with your handwork projects? I love the saying on the mug! Blessings, Pamela

Vee said...

What a chore! Hope that you pack some warmth, too. It is rainy and chilly up heah. :D You are my one hope. I don't trust the weather dudes.

Jenny Short said...

I'm doing the same getting ready to go back to Holland in July. But I don't take anything with me there except one suitcase. Enno and I live in separate worlds. I am organizing my apartment here in Texas so I can come back to a neat place. I bought 8 baskets to put in my book shelves so the living room will look better. There I was at Hobby Lobby with my tape measure. Good job and inspiring post. Have a great summer and I want that mug! xo Jenny


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