Friday, March 7, 2014

A Good Week....

Lunch with friends started the week. Laishley Crab House in Punta Gorda was the venue.

The view was spectacular and the company was wonderful. Think stories and laughter. We needed this time with friends as we were still recovering from the cruise and Jack's knee episode. I was truly exhausted from all the drama and the stubbornness of he who shall not be named!

The food was very good. Oyster Po Boys for us. Sushi is a specialty but I am not there yet. Soon - maybe....

And, yes, that is a "bad girl" dessert - fried ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Oh my.

So that was the beginning of the week. I have been blog hopping a lot. So many wonderful ideas and clever bloggers. I have been experimenting with tea. No more diet sodas for me. Tough habit to break.

I saw this butter slab on another blog and found a reproduction at Joanne Hudson. The black and white appealed to me.

I reconfigured the beverage set up on top of the wine cupboard (something for everyone!).
I am pleased with the look and everything is in one place.

So, then we went to A Good Yarn. I was looking for a magnifying lamp for my needlepoint stand. That plus other "stuff" came home with me. I love the use of decorative stitching and beading that is very popular and "jumped" out of my comfort level and decided to try this design.

Vibrant colors and so many beading and stitch opportunities.

Glad to be feeling spunky again and looking forward to starting this design with Vickie at A Good Yarn.

I am working on my jacket as well. The second front is almost finished. Dermatitis is still a problem so I knit, I get an outbreak, I heal, I knit.....

And, roses on the kitchen counter always help. Have a wonderful weekend.


Vee said...

You always have such a variety of good things to share. Hope that Jack's knee is mending and that he can get back to doing those things he loves best. Carol, would a pair of white cotton gloves work while you're knitting? They have the ones that fit very snugly...just a thought. It can't be easy to want to do a thing and be prevented by an annoying affliction.

Snap said...

So nice to be out and about, isn't it?! Hope the knee of he who shall remain nameless (!!!!) is much better. The needlepoint is lovely -- different and colorful -- have fun! Fresh flowers are always nice. You've been busy!

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh, that restaurant food and the view look really wonderful. I'd enjoy that! I've had dermatitis all winter this year and it's driving me crazy. I didn't have it for over a year then it broke out and hasn't let up. I don't knit either. :) Enjoy your weekend.

Loreen Bogdan said...

Thank you Carol. I really enjoyed your day out. Beautiful pictures. said...

Great views, my type of vista for lunch or afternoon tea when the weather is nicer in UK!!

Carol, what are the blue ball shaped items on your beverage set up on top of the wine cupboard?

Have a good weekend, weather here in UK is very Springlike, only hope it lasts!!

Looking forward to hearing how Jack gets on with his knee. Take care of your hands! Love Jackie in GB.x


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