Friday, March 14, 2014

Starting my day....

I have become a creature of habit or better yet routine. I find if I don't do certain things in the morning, the day seems to run amok. For instance, if I don't do the crossword puzzle with my first cup of coffee . . . I like the puzzle from USA today and I play on my iPad. Granted it is not the NY Times puzzle that my mother did in ink (the epitome of conceit) but still enough of a challenge to keep the brain from freezing up. Occasionally USA does not publish the puzzle until I am onto another item on the agenda. I send them an email asking where it is. I am sure they are happy to hear from me. I sent them one again this morning. Then I like 7 little words. These games give me a good start. 

I read my email. I check the spam folder and glance at the topics. Amazing the offers for sex and sexual enhancements I am offered each morning. These spammers need to find a life. I check in with FB and see what my friends are doing. I visit a few blogs. Then it is time for chores. I like to get what needs to be done finished in the morning because in the afternoon I like to knit or do needlework and, depending on the complexity of what I am working on, there might be a movie. Jack and I enjoy watching some of the same movies over and over. Moonstruck, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, A Good Year, Under the Tuscan Sun, No Reservations and A Walk in the Clouds are a few of our favorites.

Because it is just the two of us the chores are not too bad. A weekly vacuum and dusting seems to be enough and bathrooms are done oftener. I like the routine. My projects make the most mess and the kitchen floor suffers when we do a 'big cook".

I have moved the needlepoint to my studio. It was beginning to take over the living room.

Only finished projects shall be displayed.

We have planned a quiet weekend. I am still recovering from the cruise and Jack's wheelchair pushing.

Have a good weekend.

2 comments: said...

Morning Carol, I am a morning person too and like to get chores and shopping done early.I like to have a couple of cups of tea early and check facebook, the news and my bank account!!
Visiting friends in the afternoon or just chilling out.
Have a lovely weekend.The weather in the UK is meant to be good, we have Harry coming for a sleep over Sunday night.
Enjoy , Jackie.x

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I like to do things early as well, Carol. It starts the day off well. And like you, we have certain movies we love. Some of yours are on our list. I don't do Facebook. So that is one less thing for my list.

I sure hope your husband is doing better and that you are catching up on your rest.

Love your needlepoint. I just bought a pair of vintage pillows with a Jacobean design and an antique pillow from the late Victorian period. I am so in love with them all!




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