Saturday, June 27, 2009


I have loved quilts since I was a child. At Gram Potter's when I spent the night, the bed was made up with quilts and afghans. My room was directly at the top of the stairs and I remember sunshine. It was a double bed - very lumpy mattress - but with the quilts, it was a nest. I still have one of the quilts. My father was an only child and this was his room growing up. If you turned right at the top of the stairs and went down the hall there was a guest room. I don't remember too much about this room. There were maple twin beds with crocheted bedspreads. I had one which I gave to dear friends who use it in their guest room. The pillows had cases with either crocheted or knit lace. I still have many of them.

I always loved antiques and when we bought the village farmhouse in Gorham, I set about creating a feeling similar to Gram's house. I'm not sure whether it was intentional or not but the house seemed to call for it. My parents had absorbed some of Gram's furniture and stuff and as they downsized, they gave it to me. I had a big house and was delighted to have it. Gram's oak dining room table was in my kitchen. Her china was in my china cabinet. Her silverplate was in the buffet. She collected a grape pattern by redeeming Betty Crocker coupons. Although, I no longer use silver, I have and treasure those spoons.

I went to an antique show and saw some scrap quilts. My favorite one was over $200! I said to myself, "I can make that!" Now, thousands of dollars later - sewing machines, sewing equipment, enough fabric to have a stash - $200 would have been a bargain! I took classes and I read books. However, it was not until the rotary cutter and ruler that I actually enjoyed the process or could achieve accuracy. I don't know how many quilts I have made or what happened to all of them but most of them are still being used and I'm still making them.

I have changed my style and tend to make brighter quilts. I like batiks and Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I like fabrics for children and quilts made with jelly rolls. I also buy quilt kits! Years ago I would have frowned upon that but now it's an issue of space.

One block wonders, whack and stacks and 4 patch posy quilts are fascinating and leftover fabric gets patched for the back. Fat quarters are a wonderful way to plan a kit and the books that show how are abundant.

I like to sew in the morning. If I don't get an early start, I don't start. Sometimes I listen to the cooking channel on TV but usually I just sew. A perfect sewing day is to sew with a friend, have dinner brewing in the crock pot or oven, and good bottle of wine to celebrate the progress.

Crock Pot Pea Soup
1 smoked ham hock
1 package dried split peas
1 onion cut in quarters
3-4 cloves of garlic, peeled
Night before put in crock pot - fill 2/3 with water. Cook on low. The next morning remove onion and ham hock. Remove meat from bone and dice and put back in.
Chop 3 carrots, 2 stalks celery and 2 uncooked potatoes (optional)
Add to crock pot - salt and pepper to taste cook on low. About noon put your favorite bread recipe in bread machine. Voila!

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