Sunday, August 9, 2009

a little housekeeping.....

It is time for a little housekeeping that the rain has prevented. Don't say anything but we have had a beautiful week. This is the way Maine is supposed to be! My garden is making a bit of a comeback but my heirloom tomatoes are disappearing. I caught a big, noisy crow on a plant. He speared the tomato with his beak and then flew to a rock and smashed it and ate it. I decided that I needed to tie the tomato branches so I had to improvise.

I thought maybe colorful batik might keep them away - we shall see. Of course the card for the camera was in the computer so I couldn't get a picture of the thief!

Jack and I keep going to the antique stores. We buy things. Now we have to find places for everything. How could I have left these water goblets behind? The little frog planter can go in the guest bathroom. It is McCoy. This pottery was produced in the United States during the late 19th and 20th century.

Jack got the Babbacombe Pottery hand decorated fox string holder for his workshop. We both love to buy things for our houses. His last purchase was a tapestry for his dining room. He bought a pair of Gone with the Wind lamps last year. I had a hard time getting this picture because of glare and the windows! We will try to be good this week.

Keeping house (decorating?) and housekeeping should be the same thing. The little touches and taking care of what you have preserves these items for future generations. We need to use them but carefully.

I'm still working with Photoshop. I have 3 books written in the "dummy" style. I wonder if there is anything easier!

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