Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A little housekeeping

I have been neglecting the cottage....There is so much sand from the beach that I have swept it all up and I am going to take it back to the beach. The weather is turning cooler and they say we will have an early fall. Just as long as we don't have that white stuff before we head back south I will be fine.

So this morning I swept and vacuumed, dusted and scrubbed, and sorted through stuff. The cabin looks much better. I had visions of posting for Outdoor Wednesday and Tablescape Thursday but that won't happen this week. I will plan for next week.

I follow several other blogs and I have spent some serious time exploring them. I have read older posts and I have a real appreciation of the work that goes into them especially since I have participated in some events myself. The power of the positive comment is overwhelming and means a lot to the person posting - I know it does to me.

So during the next few days I am going to update my side bar and organize my photographs. I will probably spoil Jack who needs some of my time without my nose in the computer! I need more pictures so we may take "Black Beauty" for a ride in the country - she is a 2005 Thunderbird and she likes to go for rides. However, there is no back seat and a very small trunk so any treasures I find need to be small!


Sunny said...

A lovely picture.
Enjoy your day.
Sunny :)

Maggie B said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for visiting Normandy today, the Senseo coffee makers are very popular in France. They are easy to use, just pop in a coffee bag and press the button. The choice of coffees is endless, we have both become addicts but try and stop at 2 cups each per day!
Looking forward to seeing pix of the T bird in action.
a bientot

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hi Carol -- Wow, you got a lot done today. I am impressed! I love that your TBird is black -- my Aunt Alice always had black Thunderbirds back in the 50s and 60s -- my older brothers couldn't believe that such a cool car was wasted on an aunt!

I have a lot of blog housekeeping to do -- maybe I will get to some of it this weekend, but it's hard to find the time. Meanwhile, I use Picasa for my mosaics -- can't figure all the features out, but I muddle along and finally just say, "oh well, good enough."

Mary said...

What a beautiful spot. I'm glad you had a productive day. Every once in a while - and I don't want to carried away by this - housekeeping also clears cobwebs in the brain. A bit like a fresh slate for the day. I really enjoy your blog and will be back often.

Bill said...

Hi Carol,
I was moved when I read that you're returning the sand you swept up to the beach! It's a caring thing to do ... like catching a spider and taking it outside to release into nature.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Essex Maroon was the pattern you selected as a bride! Obviously, I like it. I think it has a classic look that's held up very well over time!

Hope your weekend goes well!



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