Friday, August 7, 2009

Patterns everywhere

Over the years I have taken pictures that I thought I would use for making fabric backgrounds for some art quilts. Well, that has not happened and probably won't. But it was a good idea!

With all the rain and moisture, there has been all sorts of stuff growing on the trees and on the ground. My son could tell me the name of all of these fungus type things and probably tell me which ones I could eat. I think I'll stick to Whole Foods though!

The designs the tree trunks are just amazing.

I wanted to get some more pictures now that we have had a few days of sunshine. And I wanted moving water. I figured that with all the rain, there should be some good pictures.

So we took a drive to Errol, New Hampshire. We drove through Grafton Notch and stopped at Screw Auger Falls. It was a beautiful day. The falls were falling. We stopped at a diner for lunch. I had the meatloaf special and Jack had shepherd's pie. We needed naps when we got home. Way too much food!

I am getting the recipes back that I lost during my technically difficult time and should be posting again soon. Thanks for your patience!

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