Thursday, September 3, 2009

I’m still playing……

I really am having too much fun with this. I feel like I have just moved into a brand new place and I am rearranging the furniture and getting new stuff to fill in the gaps. Today I am playing with Windows Live Writer which Susan recommended in her post yesterday. IMG_1213 I just watermarked my first photograph! I plan to do more. We are off to North Conway today and I am going to TJ Max. Jack thinks we are just going to pick up a small roasting pan but I am looking for dishes and stuff so that I can do another tablescape. I am limited in the cottage. But just wait until I get back to Florida.IMG_1207 Thank you for all your comments! See you tomorrow!


Maggie B said...

Loving the mosaics, I also read Susan's tutorial yesterday and made my first mosaic in Picasa ysterday afternoon.
Isn't blogland great.
a bientot

Carol said...

When I figure something out - I just giggle. Now I need to figure out how to turn off the flash on my camera???? Thanks for stopping by. I am now really going to get off this computer and spend some time outside! Shopping counts as outside!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Well, now here I was all set to do laundry today, but instead it looks as if I will have to try out Live Writer!
And it's all your fault, and Susan's.

Sunny said...

Your mosaic is simply lovely.
Sunny :)

susan said...

Carol, I have been wanting to try Live Writer was afraid I would "muddy the waters". My tech knowledge is so limited that I am afraid I will lose what I already have. I would love to change my whole blog style, but have no idea how. I love your banner--any suggestions? ps--I am impressed with your watermark!

Jackie said...

Hi I have downloaded Live Writer but haven't come across anything that tells me how to watermark my photo's, can you help please?

Your photographs are great, so clear and bright!

Have a good weekend, don't spend too much in TJ Max, I don't know what that is as we don' thave that in the UK, maybe it is like our TK Maxx? Branded names at good prices.


Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Hi Carol! I love your mosaic ~ it's so colorful and cheerful, I can't help but "smile" back at it. You know what I mean? :)

You are so much fun, have a good time shopping. :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

Mary said...

Love shopping at North Conway - well at least off-season like now when most of the tourists have left! Of course I was a tourist too I guess, even though I lived in New Hampshire (my DH is from that lovely state)for a while before coming South.

Camden IS a beautiful town. All of Maine is gorgeous and we spent a lot of time at Ogunquit Beach, in the '60's!!

Thanks for stopping by Carol - now the Summer is waning I hope to keep up with all my blogs friends more often!

Have a great holiday weekend.

Bill said...

Hi Carol,
Your mosaics and your watermarked floral pictures are very impressive! Congratulations on mastering so many new programs and techniques so quickly. I must admit I've been hesitant to try Live Writer ... maybe I should take the plunge!

Hope your weekend goes well!

Warmest regards,


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