Monday, October 11, 2010

I have questions....

I am amazed that I have written almost 200 posts! I have done this in about a year and a half. I still have so many questions about blogging and the programs people use. I figured out how to layer 2 photos this afternoon - just in time before I totally lost my grip. It was very close. The directions are overwhelming and leave much to be desired. Here is a link that really helped. I used Corel Paint Shop Pro. I like using textures and artistic effects as well. I use Picnik, Photoscape and Picasa. Sometimes I take a picture to all three! The background in the picture above is the grill on  Kenworth cab which was on display at the Fryburg Fair this past week. The boots were in the cow barn.

So here are some of my questions.

What kind of computer are you using?

Do you have a Mac? If you do, what is available besides blogger for writing? What programs do you use for photo fun?

What camera/lens do you use to get blurry backgrounds? Can you still use autofocus?

How much time do you spend on your blog? How much time do you spend visiting?

If you have a Canon Rebel, do you have any hints about lenses?

I would appreciate your answers if you have a moment. You may either leave a comment or email me at Thank you so much.


Kathleen said...

Hi Carol,
I have a Dell. I use Live Writer to compose and could never go back!
I have a Rebel T2i, one week old so I am learning.
I can't help, I NEED help! :)
I spend about 2 hours a day, either blogging or visiting. I try to visit anyone who visits me. If people want comments, they have to comment on others, that's what I was told and I feel is true!
When I replace my Dell I want a Mac, but only if I can use Live Writer!
Hope you are well!

podso said...

Carol, I've been blogging over 4 yrs and don't know much more than you do. I use piknic a lot and picasso and a combination for sure. I have always had a mac and love it and compose in blogger. I know Mac does have a blog place--go to my list of blogs to visit and the long name that starts with a small "c" uses a mac venue for her blog if you want to see what it's like.

I often do posts ahead when they come to me and save them in draft; I also will publish them on a timer sometimes. I have a pretty simple camera and use the close up ap. to get the blurry background though I'm no expert. I try not to spend too much time each day but reading others does take time. I plan my posts out in my head pretty much when I'm walking or driving, and sometimes fool around with the photos when I have my laptop on my lap and am watching TV or talking on the phone, (I'm a multi tasker). I don't mind spending a bit of time on it all, for it truly is a hobby for me--combining two loves: writing and photography. Sorry I can't help you more!!!

Sall's Country Life said...

Carol, I've only been blogging since March of this year. I too have many questions...I have a PC, and use picasa, Corel paint essentials, and photoscape, and piknic. I'm having a blast with these programs. Mixing and going back and forth! I spend way too much time on it all, but it is my new hobby and maybe the new will wear off and I will back off after awhile (I hope not). It seems the more I learn, the more new things come up that I want to figure out!! I love to read other peoples' blogs especially about their photos and what they did for effects! I just use my little Canon PowerShot, and use the Macro setting a lot! (that may get you the blurred background your looking for) Your blog is always one of my favorites...maybe because we have a lot in common. Keep blogging girl, when you enjoy something it shows, and your blog is great!

Gypsy Heart said...

Hi, just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! I have a ton of questions ~ hopefully will gain more info with the answers you receive.

Stop by and say hi when you can! Have a wonderful week ~


Marydon said...

Oh, how my husband WISHED I knew something about a computer rather than just being able to type ... that dumb as a door knob phrase refers to me & 'puters!

Have a great eve ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Entertaining Women said...

I love my Mac Book Pro. The iPhoto editing program offers a feature called 'Effects.' It's fun to use. I shoot with a Konica/Minolta Dimage Viewer's no longer on the market; Konica/Minolta was bought by Sony, I think. It's a great camera. I don't shoot with a blur/haze...I get that in my editing. I usually do 2 posts each to link to TTT and one to link to Metamorphosis Monday. Every once in a while I'll add another post. Thanks for asking and for stopping by my post. Come visit any time. Cherry Kay

From the Kitchen said...

I have an IMAC and love it. So far, I just use IPhoto but would like to branch out. I'm loving my new Canon Rebel. Figured out, just this morning, if I do "extra large" on the photos they show better on my blog. I spend a fair amount of time on my blog. Same for visiting others.


Pam said...

Carol, I'm so glad you posted this! Unfortunately, I'm not much help though. I have a Mac and a Dell laptop and do the posts from the Dell. The Dell seems easier to me but I need to work with the Mac more often as most people seem to agree it's better. My husband tells me to just start doing it. I too have a lot of questions and see things here I want to try. I probably spend too much time with my blog and then visiting other blogs but, I love it! There are so many good blogs like yours out there!!! Thanks for the post!

xinex said...

Hi Carol! Thank you so much for your well wishes for my mom. She is home now and I am just so happy she pulled through. I have a Sony Vaio desptop and laptop. I have 2 digital Sony cameras too, a DSC H9 and a DSC TX 1. Sorry i can't help with a Mac. Except for these last few day, I do blog a lot, probably almost an equal time blogging and visiting...Christine

Bill said...

Hi Carol,

I use PCs (Compaq and a newer HP and a Gateway laptop). I usually use an older Olympus and sometimes the blurry background just seems to happen. I think I've read that you can use a "portrait" setting and achieve a similar effect.

For editing, I use Photo!Editor for basic straightening and cropping and Photosuite for more complicated touchups (and sometimes Paint Shop Pro to correct distorted perspective). I blog for many hours some weeks (mostly in preparing the posts) and visit fairly randomly as I can find time. Some weeks (as during the last two) I don't get to blog at all.

I'm not sure if any of that was very interesting for anyone else, but your questions nudged me to give some thought to the process, rather than just plunging in and working based on intuition.

Thank you. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Kindest regards,

Cathy said...

Hi Carol -
I use a PC and have a Canon Rebel that I'm slowly figuring out. And I use Picasa and Photoshop Elements to edit my photos. You are ahead of me if you have figured out how to layer. I shoot most of my photos on manual settings and hope to get a macro lens sometime soon.

I'm hooked on blogging and spend several hours a day at the computer.


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