Monday, July 4, 2011

The Party's Over

The Birthday Party that is...

I have had a wonderful birthday/ month this year. I cannot believe I am 67.....I feel so young at heart. This past year has been a good one.

I focused on photography for my chosen presents. Jack got me a tripod and a remote switch. I'm going to try for the hummingbird and butterflies this year!

My new camera bag is wonderful. It is spacious and holds my Mac. When it is loaded it is heavy but I would only pack it with everything for travel. With just my camera and an extra lens, it is a perfect pocketbook!
My niece sent me a book of her wedding pictures made by Apple. What a treat. The new hip made it impossible to attend. Love the green shoes!

The final birthday installment was from my oldest son.

My oldest son is a fan of Etsy shops. Many of his friends are most creative and he supports their art. I have received many lovely gifts. His friend Sunday White makes wonderful owl and bunny pillows. You can see her work here. What is spectacular about this pillow (besides the fabric and the excellent workmanship) is that I just got a quilt back from my longarm quilter Lynn in Florida. The quilt is a wall hanging and/or throw I made a few years back. The fabric is from "Down Under" and "Downeast".

The quilt will go in my studio on the ottoman and the pillow in the chair. Very pleased. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th! I am off to photograph the rest of the quilts.


Jean said...

Love the owl pillow! Glad your bd month was a happy one! Happy Birthday!

Claudia said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday, Carol!


Pamela Gordon said...

I love your new camera bag. Very practical to throw in a wallet and cell too. The pillow and quilt are gorgeous. Happy Birthday to you! Blessings, Pamela

Jackie said...

Hi Carol, pleased to hear you had such an enjoyable birthday month. I won't tell Phil that is how you did it as it is his birthday tomorrow and one day will be enough!!! I certainly won't make August a birthday month, too old but my two older garndchildren have their birthdays in the same month they might do something similar especially my grand daughter!!

I love all your quilts and look forward to seeing more photographs.

Sorry I am late commenting but we have been with Jill and Harry most of the day.

Happy 4th July, I hope you have the same good weather that we have here in the UK.

Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.xx

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

The Party may be over but not the Celebration as we must enjoy and celebrate life every day Carol. Take Care. Happy Independence Day.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Carol! What beautiful gifts and your quilt is just stunning. I'll be hitting 65 in November...I still can't believe how fast the years have gone by. I'm not looking forward to Medicare but what can you do? Have a fantastic 4th of July!

Olive Cooper said...

I too enjoy the crafts people on Etsy. That pillow is perfect with your gorgeous quilt. Happy 4th!

Maggie said...

What super gifts you received for your b'day.
The camera/tote bag is lovely, great colour(!) and your studio is going to look even better with the addition of the quilt and the great owl pillow.
I await pix of butterflies & hummingbirds with bated breath!

podso said...

The quilts and the owl pillow are wonderful. Your bag looks first I thought it looked like my purse, but then if you fit your mac and camera in it, it must be larger. Love the color. Glad you had a great month!

Vee said...

Happy Birthday! What lovely unique and wonderful gifts! Your camera bag is so nice. The bride's green shoes are very cool and the pillow is cute and quirky and fun. Nothing like fun in a room to jazz it up.

Eileen said...

It sounds like it's been a wonderful birthday month. :)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! Wonderful gifts. ;-)

Snappy Di said...

So glad you are enjoying your camera bag.

Come leave a comment on my blog for the Fairy Hobmother! I did and won a $50 Amazon Gift Cert. Seriously.. come comment and leave your wish.


Sall's Country Life said...

Carol, glad to see you're all settled in in Maine - wow what a wonderful place to celebrate a month long birthday celebration! Your loved ones have certainly spoiled you - how sweet! 67 years young and much fun yet to come! Wishing you many many happy birthdays to celebrate! Have a great summer at the cabin!

Kathleen said...

How lucky they are to get such a beautiful quilt!
Hope you are well, C, and enjoying Maine!


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