Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"happy - when skies are blue"

I love the signs for camps in Maine. We call them camps but they can be exquisite properties, log cabins, modular, or little cottages. Most have a deck or a porch especially if they are on the lake. Our camp is a little one but we have the view that all of our neighbors have and that peaceful feeling that comes just being on the lake and looking at it. In the morning there is usually mist on the lake and the surface is like glass. The currents start to move and by 5 o'clock we can have white caps. Tuesday night there is a sail boat regatta which we watch from the shore. On weekends there is more boat traffic so we like it better during the week!

We have had some sun. I feel like I should whisper so it doesn't change. The song "You are my sunshine" keeps running through my head. When my sister and I were kids, my parents would pack up the car and drive from New Jersey to Cape Cod for my dad's two week vacation. My mother's sister June had a small house in West Yarmouth. We would spend some time with them. She was full of life and laughter. She played the guitar and we would all sing. "You are my sunshine" was a favorite and good for harmonizing.

I always loved the Cape. We spent our vacations there for years. Even after I was married, had children, and moved to Maine. Then we realized how gorgeous Maine was and I have not been back for many years.

The basil is coming along in the window box but for a while I was afraid that wet soil would pry the box right off the wall. I will make pesto very soon. I use the recipe from Joy of Cooking and it is perfect every time. I use the pesto with pasta, on pizza, with steamed mussels and in paninis just to name a few. I freeze it in small containers so that each one has a special use and there is rarely a spoonful left.

This weekend we will get ready for my sister's visit. I am making pickled beets and will try to finish a quilt. The garden needs spiffing up and hopefully we will have a cookout.

I'm still figuring out some of the technicalities of this blogging. I have appreciated your comments and suggestions,

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