Monday, May 18, 2009

Deleting is tricky

Well, I had a lovely post about the cottage called Querencia and how I started to cook again for Jack. I blinked or my finger twitched or something and I lost it forever - it was probably the most eloquent post ever penned! Oh, well. The cottage is lovely. Nothing fancy and I mean nothing fancy. The counters are red linoleum and counter space is limited. The dishes do not match but are old and pretty. The table and chairs are retro and there is a glider on the front porch. We put our feet up on the windowsills and sip our beverages of choice and look at the lake. There is small beach where we gather with our landlords and friends the Madans.

We have a bedroom downstairs and loft with twin beds up. Quilts hang over the loft railings and some antique lamps add to the ambiance. The walls are pine and floor is helped with an old oriental.

I sew at the table and we eat on the porch! If the kids come, we eat outside and use paper plates.

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