Monday, May 18, 2009

Rainy Monday

It's unusual for rain here in Paradise but we need it and it is a change. We are almost ready to head back up to Maine. Closing up Sarasota is a chore and if I weren't so proud I would take a picture of my guest/sewing/studio/tornado room which must be addressed in the very near future. I accomplished a lot this year as far as completed projects but the most important accomplishment is giving up smoking!!!!

I made a quilt and a pillowcase for Kyley.

I made a quilt and a pillowcase for Richie.

I made 4 Patch Posy for the cabin.

And I have 3 "almost finished" packed and ready to ship to Maine. This year I will hope to finish these projects. I hope that the weather is cooperative. Rainy and damp is difficult - I can't see the lake while I am sewing and I need that view to work.

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